The benefits of lavender on the skin

benefits lavender
Lavender, also known as the " Blue Gold of Provence " is an emblematic flower of the South of France. Known for many years for its perfume and its virtues, lavender is also widely used in cosmetics.

Its essential oil has several virtues: calming, balancing, relaxing ... It is a plant that provides serenity and well-being.
How to use this plant? What are the virtues of lavender? What are the benefits of lavender on the skin?

history lavender


The name lavender comes from the Latin lavare, which means to wash. The scent of lavender embodies cleanliness, clarity, freshness.

In ancient times, lavender, considered a precious plant, was used by the Romans as a perfume. Very appreciated for its clean smell, lavender is used to perfume the linen or the bath.

It is only in the Middle Ages that its therapeutic aspect is discovered. The plant is used to fight infectious diseases. It is thus found in all the gardens of monasteries beside the other medicinal plants to create a kind of natural medicine cabinet.

It is then the scientists of the cities of Marseilles and Montpellier in the XIIIth century which finally introduced the lavender in the pharmacopoeia. The researchers extracted the active ingredients and used lavender in the form of essential oil to treat, for example, nervous diseases. Lavender baths were common and are still recommended for their relaxing effects.

The city of Grasse has also played a role in the history of lavender. It is historically known for the treatment of leather and it is in the 18th century that a new trend was born: that of perfumed leather.

The guild of master perfumers became autonomous from that of tanners and this industry will increase the demand for lavender and aromatic plants for the creation of perfume.

different lavender


There are several varieties of lavenderThere are more than twenty different types of plants, some of which are very similar. The first notable difference is the date of flowering: the plants do not all flower at the same time.

Here are the 3 most famous varieties:

- The real lavender, called the " lavender officinale " (Lavandula angustifolia): grows naturally in the scrubland of Provence between 800 and 1,400 meters above sea level. It is used by perfumers for its smell. To recognize it, you just have to look closely at the colors of its spikes, which oscillate between mauve, blue and violet. This variety of lavender does not exceed 50 cm in height and grows only at an altitude of more than 800 meters. It is recognized for its healing and soothing properties.

- The lavender aspic, or lavandula latifolia or lavandula spica: its camphorated odor differentiates it from other varieties of lavender. Its spikes are quite short and of gray-green color and the plant measures approximately 1 meter. You can admire this variety from June-July.

- Lavandin, or lavandula latifolia X officinalis : is a cross between the two previous species. It grows between 200 and 800 meters of altitude, it measures 60 to 80 cm in height and its ears are very provided, contrary to those of the fine lavender. It is the most common species in the south of France. One can easily recognize a field of lavandin because its flowers are of uniform color, while a field of lavender offers a gradation of purple.

lavender fields


Lavandin is mainly used for hygiene and cleaning products or to make cosmetics. It is also used in scented candles and home perfumes because its strong camphorated odor spreads easily in a room. Its essential oil is used to improve sleep or disinfect a wound.

The "real" lavender has a more floral and subtle scent. Its essential oil is used in cosmetics, perfumery but also in aromatherapy. Applied to the skin, it helps healing and acts on nervous problems.

Panier des Sens uses real lavender in its cosmetic products: hand creams, body lotion, eau de toilette, shower gel, soaps, scented candle...

lavender virtues


Lavender essential oil has long been used to repair the skin. Sensitive skin loves it for its calming and soothing properties. But this beautiful Mediterranean plant has many other properties:

  • Healing:Lavender essential oil helps the skin to heal. It relieves sunburns as well as superficial burns and bee or wasp stings. A natural solution to relieve pain and regenerate the skin.
  • Anti-stress: if lavender knows how to calm the skin, it also calms the spirits: you can use a few drops of essential oil of lavender to calm anxiety and reduce anguish. Real de-stressing, it reduces nervousness and helps to fall asleep.
  • Antibacterial: to relieve sinusitis, simply breathe a few drops of lavender essential oil into a handkerchief several times a day.
  • Repellent: applied on the skin or in the hair, theessential oil of lavender aspic and floral water scare away mosquitoes, gnats, moths, lice and fleas.
  • Analgesic: lavender becomes the natural remedy to soothe headaches: apply a few drops of essential oil of "real" lavender on the temples so that the pain subsides. This plant also helps to reduce sore throats: in an herbal tea, with a little honey, the essential oil of lavender calms the pain.

benefits essential oil


It is possible to heal and moisturize the skin of the body and face with lavender essential oil. Discover how to use this plant to benefit from all its benefits:

On the face:

L'essential oil of lavender is very effective againstacne, eczema or psoriasis. Its properties antiseptics help to eliminate bacteria and cleanse the skin. Also recommended for oily skin, the essential oil helps to rebalance the skin by regulating sebum.

A few drops of the oil diluted can soothe the weakened areas and to restore hydration. Lavender can also be used as a natural tonic: the water recovered after infusing the flowers facilitates the skin cleaningIt eliminates excess sebum and leaves a fresh feeling on the skin.

On the body:

Lavender, soothing and healing, is an essential to have in your first aid kit. Its essential oil helps relax muscles, relieves pain and cleans wounds. To feel the effects, massage the area of the body for a few minutes.

On the hair: As a natural solution against greasy hair? A drop of lavender essential oil in your shampoo. Its action helps to regulate the production of sebum and soothes the scalp. And it also works for dry hair! Lavender essential oil restores shine to hair.

For a repairing treatment: mix a drop of oil with your mask and leave it on overnight. Thanks to its repulsive action, lavender helps protect against lice. Apply a small amount ofessential oil behind the ears of a child, from the age of 3.

lavender collection


A timeless, elegant and natural perfume between art of living and cosmetics, naturalness and sensoriality, fragrance and benefits, this collection based on essential oil of lavender highlights Provence through natural care. Emblematic of Provence, the lavender is distinguished by its unique, flowery and embalming scent. This fragrance of well-being and serenity is a real anti-stress treatment.

Body washes:

Enriched with shea butter, the natural shower care extra-mild with lavender turns into a fine and creamy foam on contact with water for a delicately scented shower of pleasure. To clean the hands, this liquid soap surgras is cooked in cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseille. Its formula contains 97% naturally-sourced ingredients.

Moisturizing care:

A key active ingredient is found in these formulas: Shea Butter. It is rich in stearic acid and oleic acid. These fatty acids are known for their nourishing and protective properties. The natural and nourishing body lotion with lavender brings comfort and suppleness every day thanks to its formula rich in Shea Butter and nourishing olive oil. It has been Dermatologically tested to ensure a soft and comfortable care, deeply relaxing.

The hand cream with lavender is composed of 20% of Shea Butter for an ultra-nourishing texture. It combines the nourishing benefits of olive oil with the natural scents of essential oils.

Natural perfumes:

To perfume yourself, theeau de toilette with the timeless, elegant and natural scent of lavender. This unique creation from Grasse gently invites you to the science of aromatherapy.

To perfume its interior:

The lavender scented bouquet creates a refined and enveloping atmosphere. The natural rattan sticks allow a soft and regular diffusion of the perfume which diffuses cold. The scented candle, rich in essential oil of Relaxing Lavender, will scent your home for nearly 55 hours thanks to its unique wax assembly for a perfect restitution of the concentrated perfume.