Peony collection: naturalness, organic, veganism... we tell you everything!

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With the arrival of our first Face Care collection, at Radiant peony, we wanted to come back to the benefits of the Queen of Flowers in cosmetics.
An opportunity to look at our beauty routine with the flagship product of this collection, the 100% natural serum.


It is in France that Panier des Sens cultivates the Peony at the heart of its formulas.

Queen of flowers, it symbolizes beauty and femininity. From the Greek "paeonia", meaning "healing plant", it is known for its healing properties, such as accelerating healing, soothing skin rashes ...
It appeared in France in the 18th century, when the emperor of China offered a collection to the empress Josephine.

The extract of its roots contains paeniflorin and its derivatives (albiflorin) which restore the softness of the skin while preserving its natural balance.
In addition to being beautiful, the Peony brings hydration to the cells and improves the radiance of the complexion thanks to its softening, restructuring and remineralizing active ingredients.
Tender and delicate, the Peony, with its floral and rosy scent, will never cease to surprise you!
peony collection
Radiant peony,
the vegan and natural beauty ritual

5 iconic products incorporating 98% to 100% naturally-sourced ingredients, have been created as a beauty ritual.
  • Micellar water, a crystalline lotion infused with floral waters, removes makeup from the face and eyes in a single step, and frees your skin of all impurities and traces of pollution.
  • The light and creamy cleansing foam gently cleanses and perfects make-up removal.
  • The 100% natural perfecteur floral serum, the signature treatment of the collection, boosts the radiance of your face. This light oil serum provides long-lasting hydration, refines skin texture and evens out the complexion.

    For the final touch, choose your cream:

  • The light, fluid and melting cream moisturizes and revives the complexion for an assured healthy glow and a real feeling of comfort.
  • The ultra-rich cream, with its velvety texture, provides more intense hydration for 48 hours, revives radiance, regenerates and smoothes the skin texture.

This light serum-in-oil provides long-lasting hydration, refines skin texture and evens out the complexion. Day after day, the skin regains its radiance and natural light. The complexion's radiance is boosted and signs of fatigue are reduced.

100% of women find their skin hydrated, revitalized and smoothed!
100% of women find their complexion more luminous and radiant!

Apply 2 drops morning and/or evening before your skin care cream. Massage gently. To add a touch of radiance to your skin, add a drop of Floral Serum to your cream in the palm of your hand.
peony serum
For those of you who love flowers and natural cosmetics, discover our collection at Radiant peony which will seduce you with its packaging, its intoxicating scent and its moisturizing and illuminating virtues.

"Try it and you'll love it