Peony, the queen of flowers in cosmetics

The Peony is the favorite flower of your mothers for Mother's Day and for good reason: it has many qualities in both the perfumery and cosmetic sectors.

We love it for its graceful beauty, for its delicate and floral scent that is said to be "dewy" and we particularly appreciate its antioxidant, soothing or perfecting properties. Discover in this article all its benefits in cosmetics.

peony flower


The Peony officinale of its Latin name " Paeonia officinalis "is a member of the herbaceous family Paeoniaceae.

In a Greek legend, Peons, a disciple of the Greek god of medicine, discovers a plant capable of calming women during childbirth. But his master, Asclepius, is jealous and tries to attack him. Zeus intervenes to avoid a massacre and ... changes Peons into a Peony.

It is then the famous doctor Hippocrates used this flower for the treatment of epilepsy and to help women with their menstruation and deliveries.

2000 years ago, China began to cultivate it as a medicinal plant. It is known for its healing properties, such asaccelerating healing and soothing skin rashes. Over time, it began to be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities and its incredible fragrance. Considered as the Queen of flowers by the Chinese, it symbolizes today, beauty and femininity.

It appears in France in the 18th century, when the emperor of China offered a collection to the empress Josephine and becomes one of the most emblematic flowers of France.

It becomes little by little the symbol of beauty in women but also of power, generosity and success. It is offered since spring on Mother's Day as a generous and graceful flower in the image of our tender mothers.

 peony virtues


The first thing to know about the Peony is that there are 2 types: the Tree peonies which can measure up to 2 meters and the Herbaceous peonies which, each year, offer us a spectacular flowering. They both have a variety of sizes, shapes, colors... Red, white, pink, there are more than 35 varieties of Peonies. Here are the most known :

  • Raspberry Sundae: a peony with large pale pink petals.
  • The Immaculate peony: majestic, it is a peony with white petals.
  • Fantastic Peony: a pink and white peony with particularly remarkable flowers.
  • The Coral Peony): native to China, it is uncommon and often changes color.
  • The Red Charm peony : it is the peony with a deep red color.
  • The Peony Beauty Ball: bicolor, its petals are decorated with pink and white. For our range of Peony facial care, we have selected the Peony "Peonia Officinalis".

The petals of this flower have the particularity of being bright pink-red and are very large.


Particularly beneficial for the skin, peony gently restores the epidermis, while preserving its natural balance. It allows thehydration, the restructuring and the remineralization of the skin to reveal all its brightness.

Its use is declined under several forms: essential oil of peony, bark, root, powder of peony, the floral water peony... The roots of these plants can also be taken in the form of tea.

It is used as a tonic remedy, more particularly recommended during the pregnancy. It allows to have a localized action on the liver, the spleen, the stomach or the intestines.

Thebark of its root is used in medicine for fevers, colds, headaches or hemorrhages.


The peony flower is used in the form of an extract for skin care. These extracts are then used numerous assets to act at different levels:
  • To moisturize the skin cells and improve the radiance of the complexion,
  • To soothe the most sensitive skins prone to natural irritations or those caused by the elements of daily life (pollution, dust, weather, etc.) thanks to its anti-oxidant active ingredient which contains Paeoniflorine, known for its anti-inflammatory properties,
  • To calm itching, bring more comfort and limit tightness;
  • To improve the complexion to make it more radiant;
  • To fight against cellular aging thanks to its softening, restructuring and remineralizing properties.
  • To help reducehyperpigmentation.

peony face care collection


It is in FrancePanier des Sens cultivates the Peony at the heart of its formulas.

This collection of face care with Peony extract combines naturalness and efficiency for a intense hydration and a radiantly beautiful complexion. Each treatment is enriched with a exclusive combination of assets. Tested under dermatological controlThe formulas are clinically validated. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

The first active ingredient found in our care products is a complete protective active.

The Peony is rich in compounds phenolics and especially in flavones, flavonols and anthocyanins. These molecules are strongly antioxidants and we have the property of reduce the mechanisms of skin aging.

Thus, the Peony is a powerful detoxifying active ingredient.

The second active ingredient found in this facial care collection is a soothing and calming property. Its anti-inflammatory active ingredient allows to calm irritations due to environmental aggressions (polulution, UV...).

Finally, our care also includes a antiseptic agent capable of inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria. Its active ingredient thus helps to purify the skin for healthier facial skin.

Our range of facial care products is therefore perfect for prevent aging and protect sensitive skin and purifying care.
face serum
5 iconic products including 98 % à 100 % naturally-sourced ingredientshave been imagined as a beauty ritual.
  • The Micellar Water, a crystalline lotion infused with floral waters, removes make-up from the face and eyes in a single step, and frees your skin from all impurities and traces of pollution.
  • The light and creamy Cleansing Foam gently cleanses and perfects make-up removal.
  • The 100% natural Perfecteur Floral Serum, the collection's signature treatment, boosts your face's radiance. This light oil serum provides long-lasting hydration, refines skin texture and evens out the complexion.
  • The Light Cream, fluid and melting, moisturizes and revives the complexion for an assured healthy glow and a real feeling of comfort.
  • The Ultra-rich Cream, with its velvety texture, provides more intense hydration for 48 hours, revives radiance, regenerates and smoothes the skin texture.
As you can see, the Peony has numerous virtues for your skin and its tender and delicate fragrance with floral notesThe green freshness of this product tends to make your head spin.

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