Men's facial care: how to take care of your skin?

Gentlemen, taking care of your skin is not only for women! If you too want beautiful skin, free of blemishes and redness, it is essential to take care of it every day. The skin care routine you use plays an important role. Beware, men's skin is different from women's skin and requires a different skin care routine. In this article, we explain how to take care of your skin on a daily basis and how to find the perfect face and body routine.


Men's skin is thicker and often more oily than women's. It therefore tends to produce more sebum. Shaving also generates skin problems, irritation and ingrown beard hairs. Your little plus, gentlemen, is that your skin is less reactive than women's. It is therefore necessary to find a facial routine adapted to your lifestyle and your skin.
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You can start by analyzing your skin to obtain a diagnosis (do you feel tightness of the skin, do you have a tendency to have pimples or irritations? Etc.) or go directly to one of our boutiques. In order to take care of your skin without damaging it, we recommend that you use only natural cosmetics.

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The first thing to do for an optimal routine is to use the right cleanser. Every day, your skin encounters all sorts of harmful elements such as pollution, weather, excess sebum, dust, etc. It is therefore essential to protect or repair it when necessary. Using a facial cleanser allows you to eliminate all these impurities accumulated during the day.

How to choose a facial cleanser for men? We recommend a gentle, moisturizing cleanser to use at the end of the day. Start by gently cleansing the outside of your face and then finish by washing the inside of your face with warm water to remove any excess skin.

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How to wash your beard? Use a good cleanser or a natural beard shampoo for a gentle cleaning and avoid the risk of allergies. How to have a beautiful beard and keep it beautiful in the long term? Once your beard and facial skin is clean, it is essential to moisturize it well to maintain it daily. Use an oil that nourishes and moisturizes it in depth.


Dead skin on the skin means a bad look! Exfoliating your face allows you to eliminate dead skin cells, but not only that! A weekly exfoliation will unclog pores, rid your face of excess sebum and leave your complexion fresher and brighter. Using an exfoliator will limit ingrown hairs from shaving by allowing the hair to come out before the razor blade passes. Limit the use of a scrub to once or twice a week so as not to irritate it, but rather to tone it up.


Moisturizing your skin is an essential step in your facial routine. Once cleaned, the skin needs to be nourished. It will then be better protected and more resistant to all external aggressions that can dry it out. It's up to you to choose the moisturizing cream best suited to your skin and to use daily. Your cream will be different depending on your skin! Indeed, certain creams are to be preferred if you have dry, mixed or oily skin. Your choice will then turn to a light or rather rich cream according to your needs. Don't forget that the best anti-aging facial for men is daily moisturizing. For all people with a beard, your skin needs more moisturizing, because your skin is more sensitized by repetitive shaving.


The use of a men's face mask will make your skin soft, clearer and healthier. Do not hesitate to make a mask once every two weeks approximately. It will allow to eliminate the deepest impurities and to cleanse your skin. In addition, a mask helps to regenerate your skin cells. Choose the mask that is best suited to your skin, either a cleansing, exfoliating or moisturizing mask, depending on your needs. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.


And no gentlemen! Facial scrubbing is not just for women! The male facial scrub is an essential part of your beauty routine if you like to take care of yourself and your skin. The ideal scrub should be chosen according to your skin type. Men's scrubs are often rich in moisturizing agents and have "greasy" properties. It is therefore important to choose the right product so as not to obtain the opposite effect of what your skin needs.



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