A radiant skin thanks to organic honey from Provence

cosmetic honey

Panier des Sens has selected for you 3 products from its Intemporelle collection.

Elixir de Provence, concentrated in natural active ingredients, honey is recognized for its moisturizing and purifying qualities. This ritual brings together the most precious active ingredients of beekeeping such as royal jelly and Propolis.

sugar scrub

1) Detoxify, with the Sugar Scrub

This step will effectively remove dead skin and impurities to reveal the skin's natural radiance. Apply generously to the entire body and massage with circular motions before rinsing gently. It is recommended to renew the operation once or twice a week.

This greedy body exfoliant smoothes and softens, the small sugar crystals clean in-depth and eliminate the impurities. The vegetable oils nourish, perfume and soften for an incredibly soft and sublimated skin.

nectar shower

2) Deep cleansing with Shower Nectar

On wet skin, apply generously the shower nectar, lather gently before rinsing thoroughly. This cleansing care with honey extracts and enriched with propolis to bring even more protection and softness to your skin. Propolis, a concentrate of nutrients, is produced by bees to protect the hive. Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, it combines very powerful antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Used for more than 3,000 years, it helps protect the skin against external aggressions.

3) Nourish intensely with the Queen's Cream

Apply this velvet cream all over the body, insisting on dry or sensitive areas, such as the ends of elbows and knees. Royal jelly, a precious active ingredient rich in nutrients, concentrates more than a dozen essential minerals. It helps cell renewal, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. A deliciously gourmand scented care! A simple and effective ritual for soft and radiant skin every day.

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