Hand soaps: which one to choose?

According to the INSEP (National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health), 80% of microbes are transmitted by touch. Regular hand washing is therefore essential to prevent the transmission of all types of bacteria.

But repeated washing can lead to dry skin: sensitive hands, tight skin, small uncomfortable cracks... To avoid this, you need to find a soap that cleanses while leaving your skin soft.

But which soap to choose? A liquid soap, a solid soap, an antiseptic soap, a hydroalcoholic solution... There are several solutions to wash your hands and you don't know which is the best soap to clean your hands?

Discover in this article all you need to know to wash your hands without drying your skin!

Hand soaps:

    Soft soap :

    A mild soap can take the form of a solid soap or a liquid soap. It is a soap that washes the skin of the hands without attacking it. As its formula does not contain solvents, this soap allows to eliminate the small dirt. Thanks to its low concentration in active principle, its PH is neutral what is appropriate very well for the sensitive skins and the frequent cleanings.

    How do you know if a hand soap is mild? You just have to look at the list of ingredients of the soap: The pH of a soap resulting from saponification is between 8 for the softest and 11 for the most alkaline (like Marseille soap for example). If the solution is between 0 and 6, it is said to be "acid". From 7, it is considered neutral or "alkaline".

    Antiseptic soap:

    What is an antiseptic soap?

    The difference lies in what is expected when washing hands: do you want to clean your hands or do you want to wash them disinfectantly? In the first case, a mild soap is sufficient, in the second case, you will have to turn to an antiseptic soap.

    An antiseptic soap is a disinfectant hygiene product thateliminates or inactivates micro-organisms such as viruses or bacteria. It is available in several forms: in disinfecting wipes or pump bottles, antiseptic soap is THE essential product against infections.

    Very often recommended during the Covid period, this soap is designed to decontaminate your hands. It ensures the double function of washing and disinfecting hands.

    It is often used in the medical field to clean the hands because it has a very effective antibacterial action.

    This soap is however quite aggressive for the skin and often leaves a feeling of tightness to the skin after use.

    Hydroalcoholic solution:

    The hydroalcoholic gel is intended to disinfect the hands or surfaces and contains 70 to 90% of alcohol. It allows us to clean our hands quickly if we do not have soap and water at our disposal. However, it does not replace the classic washing, it should only be used when the hands are not visibly dirty.

    This solution is not suitable for sensitive skin as it can be irritating after several uses.

    Liquid soap:

    Liquid soap is the best ally for effective hand cleaning. Its foam allows toeliminate the bacteria present on the skin in an effective way.

    How do I wash my hands properly? Start by wetting your hands with water. Then, pour soap into the palm of your hand and rub your fingers, palms, tops of hands and wrists for 15 to 20 seconds. Then, interlace your fingers to clean the area between your fingers. Finally, rinse your hands and dry them!

    For an effective AND skin-care cleaning, choose the Liquid Marseille Soap. This soap relieves irritation. Its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties allow for gentle hand cleaning.

    For clean and perfumed hands: Liquid Marseille Soap :

    Cooked in a cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseille, the liquid soaps of Panier des Sens are enriched with vegetable oils to clean your hands and eliminate bacteria.

    From 96% to 98% naturally-sourced ingredients, our liquid soaps clean gently while preserving thenatural balance of the skin.


    liquid soap absolute of perfume

    Liquid soaps with perfume absolutes:

    These liquid soaps are made from olive oil and cooked in a cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseilles.

    Olive oil, known for its moisturizing, regenerating and softening properties, is perfect for dry skin. This ingredient has antioxidant properties and improves the quality of the skin thanks to its deep nourishing and toning action.

    There are 3 fragrances:

    - Orange Blossom

    - The Geranium

    - The Jasmine

    Panier des Sens honors the Grasse perfumery and its ancestral know-how with its range of care products with Absolues de parfums.

    A true jewel in the crown of high perfumery, the absolute is the most precious essence of the plant raw material. The extreme concentration of plant extracts in absolutes makes them a true aromatic treasure.

    At the heart of our absolute formulas, the emblematic raw material of Provence,olive oil allows to protect, nourish and repair the most sensitive skins.


    liquid soap essential oil

    Liquid soaps with essential oils:

    Coconut oil, the main ingredient in this liquid soap, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial capabilities. This oil protects and nourishes the skin in depth.

    These liquid soaps, controlled under dermatological control, clean your hands while introducing your senses to aromatherapy: sublimated by the master perfumers of Grasse, our essential oils are chosen for their fragrance as well as for their benefits.

    There are 5 fragrances:

    - Lavender, known for its soothing properties

    - The Rose, bewitching with its perfume

    - Provence, an energizing citrus blend

    - The Sea Samphire, with toning actions

    - Verbena, with relaxing active ingredients

    Embodying beauty and well-being, this historic collection draws its wealth from theheart ofplants thanks to essential oils and gently introduces you to the science of aromatherapy.


    honey liquid soap

    Liquid soaps with organic active ingredients from Provence:

    Our liquid soaps are naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin from the traditional saponification process in the cauldron of master soap makers. They gently cleanse and leave the skin with deliciously scented notes. 

    There are 3 fragrances: 

    - Honey, regenerating

    - Grape, detoxifying 

    - Almond, softening


    Exfoliating liquid soap:

    This supergras liquid soap enriched with pumice stone cleans hands and guarantees a delicate exfoliation on a daily basis. The mechanical action of the pumice stone allows a natural exfoliation, without synthetic microbeads, for a soft and clean skin, rid of impurities and dead cells.

    This soap is composed of organic honey extracts from Provence which boosts hydration and prevents skin dryness. The exfoliating liquid soap is naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin from the traditional saponification process in the cauldron of master soap makers.

    Thanks to its fine exfoliating particles without abrasive effect, this liquid soap is suitable for daily use. Good to know: can also be used for the body.


    glass liquid soap

    Ecologicaland economical: liquid soaps in glass:

    These liquid soaps in glass are refillable and reusable to infinity thanks to our eco-refills. Daily subjected to harsh external conditions (sun, cold, stress, food...) the skin needs to be purified and protected. This natural liquid soap gently cleanses hands and body.


    clean hand gel

    Practical: the "clean hands" gel:

    When hand washing is not possible, the use of a no-rinse hand cleansing gel is an effective solution to ensure good hygiene.

    This clean hand gel cleans, refreshes and soothes your hands without drying them, leaving your skin soft and delicately scented.

    An ideal format to take everywhere with you.