Consume better every day for a greener future!

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Consuming responsibly on a daily basis has become a priority for many of us. Eating healthy, buying ethically, favoring local and short circuits, getting closer to small producers, fighting against waste, recycling old clothes... This is now part of a better way of consuming. We are at the heart of responsible consumption.

Discover in this article some tips to consume better and know everything about the impact of responsible consumption on the environment and on our health.

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Each of us has our own reasons for consume more responsiblyand his own beliefs and consumption habits.

Consume less but betterit's good...

  • For our health, consuming ethically with simpler products and formulas means protecting ourselves and our bodies from all the toxic ingredients that we may find in food, cosmetics or household products.
  • For our planet, responsible consumption participates in the preservation and sustainability of our planet by consuming ecological products that respect the environment.
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Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: "Do I really need this (these) product(s)?", "Can I find this item second-hand or rent it? Indeed, over-consumption is fast becoming a problem. However, there are many small gestures to promote ethical and sustainable consumption.

Avoid disposable products such as wipes, bags or plastic containers as soon as possible. Instead, use reusable and washable cotton pads to remove your make-up, insulated bottles to carry your liquids instead of bottled water, or wooden straws, for example. Why use a product only once when we can recycle it and participate in the reduction of waste?

Choose natural products or those bearing an environmental label. The formulas of natural cosmetic products called "Clean Beauty" are much healthier and banish many elements that are harmful to both the environment and your skin, such as petrochemical materials that are not very biodegradable and sensitive to health. Turn to products that use natural raw materials, essential oils and plant-based active ingredients. They are better for your skin and for the environment.

Choose products with littlepackaging. Do not hesitate to buy in bulk in specialized grocery stores or in bulk soap stores (available in our stores Panier des Sens), then place your food and liquids in glass jars. This will reduce your containers at home but also reduce the amount of packaging in the garbage, which has doubled in volume in 40 years. Favour recyclable packaging and solid containers when possible such as soaps, toothpaste, deodorant or hygiene products.

Favour local producers and products such as fruits and vegetables in season. In addition to being less expensive, local products are fresh, with a better taste and you favor short circuits (less transportation, lessenergy consumption!)

Make your products yourself rather than buying them. Nowadays, it is possible to make yourself almost everything we use in our daily lives: washing powder, shampoo, deodorant, household products, etc. Discover one of our favorite DIY recipes to make your own laundry detergent on Margot's blog. Margot always has good advice on how to consume better every day. Visit her blog to discover her tips!

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Acting responsibly means making sure we reduce waste and make the best use of what we buy. The goal? Limit pollution and make our goods last as long as possible.

To do this, it is important to read the instructions correctly in order to respect the conditions of use, to limit harmful effects (waves for example), and to maintain them in order to optimize their life span.

Respect the doses in order to avoid excessive consumption (cleaning products, cosmetic products, etc.).

Don't leave your multimedia devices on when not in use, remember to turn off the light when you are not in the room and avoid leaving the water running when not needed.

Reduce food waste by watching expiration dates, cooking leftovers, not wasting and making sure you don't buy back something you already have in your cupboards when possible. Have you ever thought of using your radish tops? It is sometimes difficult to imagine that they are edible... They are however health and nutrition assets because they contain vitamins and calcium if you eat them raw.

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It is important to know that a product that you used to like can be liked again by another person (#newlife). Think of second-hand sales such as Vinted or Leboncoin for example, to resell your clothes, cosmetics that you have several copies of or that you have never used, your children's toys or shoes that you no longer like.

Give away the objects that you no longer want, they can have a second life somewhere else (associations, recycling centers, resale sites, etc.).

Make room for recycling in your consumption pattern!

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Panier des SensThe brand of natural cosmetics is committed to sustainable development on a daily basis. With Vegan formulas containing up to 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and a Made in Marseille production privileging local partnerships and organic and sustainable agriculture, for more than 10 years we have banned from our formulas controversial ingredients such as Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Silicone and Aluminum.

Our stores have a soap bar and an exclusive bulk sales system. To propose an even more ethical consumption and recyclable and sustainable packaging, we have just launched our new liquid soap eco-refills! The use of an eco-refill reduces by -36% the CO2 and -39% the greenhouse gas compared to the use of an original bottle.

Generalization of recycled packaging by 2021, our best-selling hand creams and liquid soaps will be packaged respectively in aluminum tubes and PET bottles 100% recycled!

The benefits?

  • We preserve resources and limit the use of fossil fuels!
  • Aluminum is an effective barrier for the proper preservation of raw materials. Thanks to it, we reduce the need for preservatives in our product formulas.
  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. With this packaging, we participate in the reduction of tons of waste thrown away each year.
  • Recycling it uses 95% less energy than producing primary aluminum.
To consume responsibly may lead one to think that one must totally change one's way of consuming on a daily basis. However, this is not the case. We just need to review our consumption habits and consume differently. Each small ecological gesture can have big consequences on our health and on our planet.
A responsible consumer ensures that three main steps are followed:

Buy better (less but better),
Better consumption (fight against food waste, sustainable consumption),
Throw away better (remember to recycle before you throw away).

Panier des Sens places responsible consumption at the heart of its commitments.
Together we can make a difference!