The benefits of jasmine on the skin

Jasmine Collection

Jasmine, symbol of love for its small white flowers, also known as the "Queen of the Night", is widely used in perfumery and also has many virtues. Panier des Sens honors Jasmine in a collection full of freshness. Discover in this article all you need to know about Jasmine!

Jasmine, its history

The small, delicate flowers of Jasmine Grandiflorum were already used in the 16th century by the master glove makers and perfumers of Grasse. Very quickly, this real plant jewel became a must in the perfumers' palette and was at the heart of Grasse horticulture.

Originally from the Himalayas, Jasmine is grown in all countries with a temperate climate. There are about 200 different varieties and 259 molecules that give it its fragrance. This one has a honeyed and fruity fragrance. Since the beginning of the first millennium BC, jasmine was used to perfume bath water and statues of the gods. In China, it was used to perfume black tea, a specialty reserved for emperors. In India, from the 5th century B.C., the legend tells that the tip of the arrows of Kama, Indian god, was composed of five perfumed flowers, jasmine symbolizing then the languor of love.

It begins to be really used for its fragrance at the beginning of the Christian era, by Chinese nobles and then in Baghdadian perfumes, so much so that it is found many times in the formulas of incenses and attars. In the 17th century, the master glove makers of Grasse used it to perfume their gloves, an innovation that transformed the city of tanners into the world capital of perfume.

Jasmine Olfactory Pyramid

Olfactory pyramid Jasmine White Flower

Jasmine: varieties and fragrances

There are 9 different types of jasmine: Jasminum officinale or white jasmine, Solanum jasminoides or false jasmine, Gardenia jasminoide or Cape jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides, false jasmine or star jasmine, Jasminum azoricum or Azores jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum or winter jasmine, Jasminum grandiflorum or Spanish jasmine. At Panier des Sens, we use Jasminum Grandiflorum. Collected in August at first light, its immaculate flowers deliver a bewitching, powdery and slightly fruity perfume.

It is possible to find two varieties of jasmine used in perfumery: the sambac and the grandiflorum. After solvent extraction from the flowers, grandiflorum jasmine absolute has a warm, rich, sweet, opulent, fruity, slightly medicinal and animalic scent, while sambac jasmine absolute is more fruity-green, evoking banana peel and orange blossom.

The virtues of Jasmine

Jasmine has many benefits due to its valuable medicinal properties. It acts on digestion, depression, colds, sleep, skin and much more. It is used in two forms: absolute of perfume or as a drink like tea and infusion.

The benefits of jasmine in cosmetics

Jasmine has a lot of virtues. On the skin of the face, it is recognized for its effect antioxidant and anti-wrinkle and also for its action antibacterial for acne. During massages, jasmine oil relieves cramps and pains and disinfects certain superficial wounds. It nourishes and strengthens the nails and sanitizes and perfumes the hair. It relieves various evils like insomnia and sleep disordersheadaches, ocular headaches and migraines. In aromatherapyThe inhalation of jasmine absolute has a relaxing effect in case of stress and anxiety attacks and calms coughing fits and asthma attacks. Jasmine grandiflorum perfume absolute is known for its purifying and tonic beauty benefits, and this, for all skin types. From a health point of view, it is recognized for its calming and soothing properties and finally, it allows to ease tensions and to favor the coming of sleep. Its scent stimulates and arouses desire and attraction and provides a feeling of confidence and optimism.

The benefits of jasmine to consume

The virtues of jasmine tea are numerous. In the form of a drink, it is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin and the body from premature aging, it facilitates drainage (associated with green tea) and can reduce blood pressure and facilitate blood circulation.

Our Precious Jasmine collection: body care products, perfect for summer

Natural care range jasmine

A land of flowers overlooking the French Riviera, Grasse is recognized as the world capital of perfumery for the transformation of natural raw materials as well as the quality of its essences and creations. Panier des Sens honors Grasse perfumery and its ancestral know-how with its range of care products with perfume Absolutes, and more particularly its collection with Precious Jasmine.

Cold extracted, like an elixir, theAbsolute present in the formulas of our collection concentrates all the facets of the plant in a precious, highly concentrated perfume. At the heart of our Absolue formulas,olive oil is a real gem recognized for its cosmetic virtues. Our collection is composed of up to 97% naturally-sourced ingredients, with exceptional active ingredients, selected from the best harvesters through ecological, sustainable and local partnerships.

Who is our Precious Jasmine collection for? For all the strong and assertive people who live life to the fullest and dream of adventure!

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As you may have guessed, jasmine has many virtues, both for its fragrance and for the soothing effect it has on the skin and the well-being it brings. It is recognized in cosmetics for its relaxing and soothing benefits and for its sweet floral fragrance. (Re)discover our Precious Jasmine collection and experience a real sensory journey to Provence with natural products, good for health and spirit.

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