Diffuser 240ml - Fig tree by the sea 

Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens
Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens
Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens
Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens
Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens
Fig fragrance diffuser - Figuier d'Azur 240 ml - fragrance diffuser - France Panier des Sens

Diffuser 240ml - Fig tree by the sea 

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Made from 90% naturally-sourced ingredients, this generously-sized fig diffuser will diffuse a delicious fig and fig blossom fragrance in your home for around 6 months.
The fragrance, created by our master perfumer in Grasse, reveals a unique fig scent through generous foliage and gourmet fruit for an atmosphere that's both vegetal and bewitching.

✔️ Comes with 8 natural rattan stems
✔️ 6-month diffusion
✔️ Made in France
✔️ 90% natural ingredients
✔️ Infinitely refillable with our perfume refills
✔️ Vegan and vegetal formula

Our Ingredients

An intense fig fragrance

A unique creation Panier des Sens, the fragrance of this fig diffuser is the fruit of several months' work by our master perfumer based in Grasse. Let yourself be captivated by the intense scent of a sun-drenched fig. Its sweet, green and gourmand notes will plunge you into the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

Top notes: Fig blossom

Heart notes: Fig, Hawthorn

Base notes: Cedar, White Musk

To ensure that our master perfumer's olfactory notes are perfectly reproduced by the fragrance diffuser during the 6 months of diffusion, and in a more sustainable approach, synthetic alcohol has been replaced by a vegetable alcohol, derived from beet.

Formulated and manufactured in France

This fig fragrance diffuser has been subjected to the highest standards of production quality and responsibility. 

Its formula is made up of 90% ingredients of natural origin, ensuring optimal diffusion of the fig fragrance thanks to its innovative composition based on beet alcohol. No artificial colorants or UV filters are used. The diffuser's protective case is made from FSC-certified paper. The labels are made from 100% cotton paper, with a "fabric" feel that makes this diffuser a real decorative object, perfect for gift-giving.

The Fig Home Fragrance Collection (scented candle, home fragrance and diffuser) is designed to be seen. From the elegance of the glass containers to the gilding on the labels, no detail has been overlooked to make them true decorative objects for the living room or living areas of your home.

This perfume diffuser with its dreamlike motifs embodies a joyful, elegant and colorful Provence. An olfactory journey to the heart of Mediterranean gardens through eco-designed, natural products.

Bring new life to your home!

This Fig Fragrance Diffuser illustrates PANIER DES SENS 's commitment to sustainable development:

A veritable concentrate of Provence, these fragrance diffusers are imagined, designed, manufactured and packaged locally, always favoring short circuits for greater traceability.

The fig fragrance in this diffuser was created by our master perfumer in Grasse, the cradle of Haute Parfumerie and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed around exceptional natural raw materials, they are exclusive to each of our products. Formulated in a beet alcohol base, this olfactory creation is the fruit of a year's work.

Our formulas contain no ingredients of animal origin, and exclude all animal testing. 

The packaging of this fig fragrance dispenser, reduced to a minimum, is entirely recyclable. Our aim is always to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. Its case and reinforced wedge are made from FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Its glass is reusable: give it a second life! Pencil pot, brush pot or vase, the choice is yours.

How do I use the Fig fragrance diffuser? 

To release the fruity fragrance of Fig and Fig blossom: open the glass bottle and insert the rattan stems. Its generous format allows you to enjoy fragrant diffusion for 6 months. 

How do I recharge the diffuser? 

To refill your fragrance diffuser, gently fill the bottle with the Fig universal refill using a funnel, then insert new Natural rattan reeds . Refills, funnel and Natural rattan reeds are on sale on our website!

How long does the perfume last? 

Diffusion time is 6 months. This time may vary: room ventilation, size and air-conditioning are factors that can reduce fragrance diffusion. To increase or reduce the intensity of fragrance diffusion in a room, you can increase or reduce the number of sticks dipped in the fragrance. For the first 48 hours, we recommend turning the rattan sticks every day, then once a week. 

Should all the rattan be put in the reed diffuser? 

Not necessarily. Use only part of the stems for a more subtle fragrance, or use them all and turn them upside down for a more intense fragrance. Once placed in the bottle, the stems absorb the fragrance, releasing it and diffusing it continuously. 

When to change natural rattan sticks? 

It is possible to keep the same Natural rattan reeds until the diffuser does not contain any more perfume. With time, the Natural rattan reeds can be colored: this does not alter the diffusion! To restart the diffusion after a few days of use, turn the sticks over. 

How long can I leave the diffuser in a room? 

For as long as you like. We also recommend airing the room for a few minutes a day if you can. 

Where to place your home fragrance diffuser? 

To best diffuse the fragrance in a room, place the fragrance diffuser in a room of less than 20 m2. Natural rattan reeds have the advantage of diffusing fragrance continuously, so your room will be scented day and night. The Fig diffuser has also been designed and crafted to be a decorative object, so you can combine it in your living space with frames, crockery or fabrics, for example.



May produce an allergic reaction. 

Highly flammable liquid and vapours. Causes severe eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. 

IF IN EYES: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easily removable. Continue rinsing. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Immediately remove all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water [or shower]. In case of eye irritation or rash: consult a physician. If eye irritation persists: consult a doctor. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces. Do not smoke. Dispose of contents/container in a suitable place. In case of medical advice, keep container or label available. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. 

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Iulia T.

Diffuser 240ml - Fig tree by the sea 

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Nice discovery

Pleasant, subtle fragrance,
I'm discovering your products and I'm delighted.