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Eaux de toilette to the Orange Blossom

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    4 products
    Our Eau de Toilette Orange Blossom is formulated and manufactured in France. Our master perfumer imagined and developed it in the perfume capital of the world: Grasse.
    This iconic scent Panier des Sens has made the brand famous the world over. Available in liquid soap, candle, hand cream and body lotion, Orange Blossom Panier des Sens is our best-seller today.

    Emblematic of Provence, Orange Blossom bigaradier is one of the essential raw materials for Haute Parfumerie de Grasse. Picked in the early spring, it exudes a uniquely sunny, bewitching scent. Its citrus freshness echoes the radiance of the Mediterranean;eau de toilette Orange Blossom is a veritable ode to light and lightness.