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Face care

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    26 products
    Incorporating 95% to 100% ingredients of natural origin, the face care products, tested under dermatological control, are enriched with an exclusive combination of active ingredients. A tested and approved beauty routine that provides the skin with a real sensation of comfort, softness and radiance.


    The most technical formulas have been clinically tested on a consumer panel for 21 days under dermatological control. A questionnaire is available to the panel: before treatment, after 7 days of treatment and after 21 days of treatment. 

    These tests allow us to know the level of satisfaction of the consumers. Example: 100% of women find their skin more radiant after 7 days of treatment.

    Forerunner in the formulation of natural products Panier des Sens benefits today from more than 18 years of research and development on ingredients and active ingredients of Provence. 

    Year after year, we have proven our legitimacy in the cosmetics market by developing increasingly complex and technical products. These new expert formulas have been developed from exclusive active ingredients. Tested under dermatological control, these galenic formulas are based on clinical tests carried out on a panel of consumers, for proven effectiveness!

    At Panier des Sens we strive to develop natural products. In spite of particularly demanding specifications, two ingredients are exceptions: the mild preservatives, which guarantee the safety of the product, and the perfume. Beyond the naturalness of our formulas, the perfume remains our trademark.

    This is why we give free rein to our master perfumers. Recognized as artists, the perfumers have the privilege of keeping their creations secret. With this new range, we have for the first time developed a 100% natural product with a 100% natural perfume on the serum. This is a real exercise in style for the perfumer, who offers us a new interpretation of the flower with lightness and subtlety!

    Our face cream is universal: it can be used by everyone from 3 years old! There is no contraindication to the use of the product during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

    If in doubt, it is recommended to seek the advice of your specialist.

    Each facial product can be used between 6 to 12 months after opening. This information is written on each of our packs.


    What could be better for your skin?

    Panier des Sens offers facial care products with a minimum of 96% naturally-sourced ingredients. The formulas, designed in France, are all vegan: no ingredient is of animal origin and we do not test our formulas on animals. With a strict formulation charter, we make products that respect your skin as well as the environment, without compromising on quality or sensoriality.

    Discover our products to cleanse, boost and moisturize your skin: cleansers, make-up removers, light and rich creams, face serums and our lip care products, with a selection of products for both men's and women's faces.


    Tender and delicate, the peony exhales a floral and rosy perfume, marked by a green freshness. Gentle and subtle, it blends perfectly with facial care.

    Why did you choose the Peony at the heart of this range? At the heart of many myths and legends, this fragile and delicate flower, universally feminine, has a unique sweetness and poetry. We chose it for its cosmetic benefits: this exceptional beauty ingredient moisturizes skin cells and improves the radiance of the complexion thanks to its softening, restructuring and remineralizing properties.


    Moisturizes: Its antioxidant formula contains paeoniflorine, reputed to be anti-inflammatory, it soothes irritations. Softening, restructuring and remineralizing, it also helps fight against skin aging.Hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient naturally present in the structure, is a powerful rehydrating agent that restores the skin's radiance and suppleness. Both tensor and smoothing, it attracts and retains water in the upper layers of the epidermis. The anti-ageing active ingredients in the formula restore the skin's suppleness and youthfulness. Their plumping effects make it possible to decrease the aspect of the wrinkles and to fill the fine lines. Finally, the oil of Rose, rich in linoleic acid, vitamin A and fatty acid, supports the cellular renewal. Nourishing and anti-oxidant, it moisturizes and protects against skin aging. Regenerating, it soothes dry and sensitive skins.

    Boosts radiance: Pink clay, a mixture of white and red clays, contains many minerals: rich in trace elements, it is one of the most effective clays in the process of regeneration of skin cells; it rebalances the skin by remineralizing it and strengthening its assimilation functions. It relaxes the face and restores radiance to the dullest skins. The rose water, reinforces the hydrolipidic film and limits the loss of water. It smoothes and revitalizes the skin and the face recovers a radiant complexion. Finally, cornflower water is perfect for eye care: its soothing and decongesting action helps reduce redness and signs of fatigue. It gives an immediate healthy glow.


    The skin of the face is exposed daily to external aggressions.

    To protect it, you need to adopt a routine to cleanse, soothe and nourish your skin. In the morning, use the cleansing foam to purify your skin. Perfect for waking up and toning the skin in the morning, this gentle cleansing removes excess sebum secreted during the night. It contains 98% naturally-sourced ingredients.

    Next, moisturize your skin to protect it throughout the day. Apply the light cream evenly to your skin to revive your complexion. It leaves your skin soft and comfortable throughout the day and moisturizes for up to 48 hours. Healthy glow effect guaranteed!

    After a good day, your skin needs to rest: in the evening, start your routine by applying micellar water to gently remove makeup and cleanse. You must remove all traces of makeup to allow the skin to breathe. You should also soothe the eyes and the eye contour area.

    Then, use the cleansing foam to free the skin from deep-rooted impurities. It acts as a real detox effect! An important step in the evening routine: the perfecteur floral serum, which will boost the skin's radiance. It is an ultra-concentrated targeted care including 100% naturally-sourced ingredients which acts in synergy with the night cream for an in-depth action. It smoothes and refines the skin texture. Tested and approved, this serum brings immediate benefits on the radiance and the hydration of the skin from 7 days of use (test of use on 20 people during 21 days). Day after day, the skin regains its radiance and natural light. The radiance of the complexion is boosted and the signs of fatigue are reduced.

    Finally, as explained above, the application of the serum must be completed by the application of the ultra rich cream. It regenerates and moisturizes the skin in depth while we sleep.

    Ready to try this exceptional facial routine?


    Inspired by the olive fields of Provence, Panier des Sens has developed its product expertise around a range oforganic olive oil, known for its nourishing, protective and softening properties.

    This range, designed for dry skin, is adapted to men's beauty and allows men to shave, clean, moisturize, protect and perfume their skin. For the face, Panier des Sens offers an anti-pollution cream gel, a 3-in-1 product that intensely moisturizes, a face, body and hair cleansing gel as well as a Shaving Soap that cleanses the face and beard to prepare for shaving and soothes the skin.

    For a simple and effective face routine, start by cleansing your skin with the 3-in-1 cleansing gel. The organic olive oil from Provence nourishes and protects the skin of the face and the organic prickly pear brings vitality and energy. Then, you can apply on your wet face the Shaving Soap to clean your beard to prepare it for shaving. Finally, to soothe your skin from razor burn, use the anti-pollution face cream gel. This fluid and light gel will penetrate quickly and offer an anti-pollution shield while hydrating the face. A real feeling of comfort for a hydrated and protected skin.


    Taking care of your facial skin also means taking care of your lips. Just like the skin of the face, the lips are exposed to external aggressions. To avoid having dry lips, you must also initiate a beauty routine in your daily life.

    In the morning, moisturize your lips even if you wear makeup by applying a layer of lip balm before any other product. In the evening, after removing your makeup and cleaning your lips, you should moisturize them before going to sleep to allow the skin on your lips to regenerate.

    It is through the "timeless" collection that we find two lip balms designed to soothe, moisturize and protect the lips. The formulas of these products are made from two organic ingredients from Provence: almond and honey.

    The almond has been used since antiquity for its cosmetic properties. Rich in vitamins and saturated fatty acids, it is known to soothe and soften the skin while preserving its hydrolipidic film. The lip balm with soothing almond helps to soothe the lips for an immediate feeling of comfort. Its melting texture and delicate scent of fresh almonds make it a daily ally to take everywhere.

    Honey with its nourishing, protective and regenerating properties brings softness and comfort to your lips. The regenerating honey lip balm with its deliciously addictive scent, helps to nourish, protect and reduce feelings of tightness for soft and comfortable lips, with a glossy touch!