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With sensory and fragrant care

Limited edition:

Olive liquid soap

Back to the roots with the original smell of Marseille soap to celebrate our hometown!

A natural and ever more responsible Beauty

Our cosmetics are inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and are made in France.
Our formulas, enriched with raw materials of natural origin, are curated to offer you effective care with unique fragrances.

Our commitments

Natural cosmetics

Our face and body cosmetics contain between 95% and 100% ingredients of natural origin.

French manufacturing

Created around exceptional natural raw materials, our care products with Grasse perfumes are manufactured encouraging short circuits. 


Our packaging is recyclable and recycled. That means 20.5 tons of virgin plastic saved and 100% of aluminum recycled per year!

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All the benefits of a serum for the skin
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It is in 2001, in the south of France, in the heart of Provence, that Panier des Sens is born.

Inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and know-how, we use the best of our region to develop natural, simple and authentic products.

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