Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml

Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens
Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens
Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens
Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens
Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens
Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml - Panier des Sens

Eau de toilette - Precious Jasmine 50ml

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This eau de toilette fragrance reveals the sunny, sensual scent of pure, immaculate jasmine. A veritable jewel in the crown of Grasse horticulture, jasmine is a must-have on every perfumer's palette.

Gathered in August at first light, its small, delicate flowers deliver a bewitching, powdery, slightly fruity fragrance. The combination of white flowers generates fresh, radiant scents on the skin, with captivating jasmine at the heart.

✔️ French manufacturing
✔️ Eau de toilette Vegan Friendly
✔️ 100% recyclable bottle and case
✔️ Eau de toilette with perfume absolute
✔️ Perfume created and crafted by our master perfumer in Grasse

Our ingredients

Precious Jasmine

A bewitchingly fresh eau de toilette , sublimated by a floral fragrance of Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute, enhanced by lightly honeyed fruity notes. Grandiflorum Jasmine Absolute reveals a profusion of white flowers with opulent, generous aromas. The poetic, sensual essence of Jasmine is magnified by light, delicately musky wood notes.

Top notes: white peach, orange blossom, neroli

Heart notes: jasmine, tuberose

Base notes: white musk, patchouli, white cedar

Our eau de toilette Jasmine, with its bewitching fragrance, derives its exceptional olfactory richness from its use as anAbsolue de Parfum. This essence, the most concentrated in Haute Parfumerie, is obtained through a precise 4-stage extraction process. The Absolue is extracted cold, like a true elixir, capturing all the subtleties of the plant raw material in a precious, highly concentrated fragrance.

Although this process is slower and offers a lower yield, only the finest, most concentrated essence of the fragrance is preserved. The result, thanks to the expertise of our master perfumer in Grasse, is an olfactory rendition that reveals all the complexity and finesse of the plant raw material, giving this eau de toilette for women a quality and notes that are unique on the market. A unique sensory experience thanks to our Jasmine eau de toilette , where the beauty of nature meets the art of perfumery.

Grasse, the city of perfumes, is famous for its quality essences and creations. It dominates the Côte d'Azur and is the world capital of perfumery. Panier des Sens honors Grasse perfumery and its ancestral know-how with its Absolues de Parfums skincare range. A veritable jewel in the crown of haute parfumerie, an absolute is the most precious essence of a plant-based raw material. The extreme concentration of plant extracts in Absolues makes eau de toilette a veritable aromatic treasure trove.


This delicate, floral eau de toilette embodies the very essence of Provence. Conceived, designed, manufactured and packaged locally, it favors short distribution channels, ensuring optimum traceability. Since 2001, Panier des Sens has been manufacturing its perfumes and cosmetics in France, offering quality products at affordable prices.


Our formulas contain no ingredients of animal origin, and exclude all animal testing, in accordance with European regulations.


All our fragrances are created by master perfumers in Grasse, an emblematic site of Haute Parfumerie and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Based on exceptional natural raw materials, they are exclusive to our brand Panier des Sens and the result of months of intensive research.


Our packaging is carefully designed to reduce its environmental footprint. The protective cases for our eaux de toilette products are made from cardboard, while the bottles are made from glass with wooden stoppers. These materials are fully recyclable, helping to preserve the planet.

Sprayeau de toilette with the floral fragrance of Precious Jasmine gently onto your skin, on the various pulse points: neck, décolleté, wrists, behind the ears. You can also spray it directly onto your clothes. Repeat as often as you like.  

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Doesn't hold enough, unfortunately.

A soft, comforting fragrance, quite seductive. The problem is that it dissipates too much too quickly :( Too bad.

Eva K.

Reminds me of cleanliness & breeze...Perfect scent for the summer..Love it..
Thank you for the sample too..good to carry it for touch ups

Anne R.
Eau de toilette Lavender

I discovered your brand and boughtEau de toilette Lavender. I'm very pleased with the delicate fragrance that lasts for several hours. I perfume my wrists before going to bed and find the scent soothing. I also bought the jasmine soap, which I leave in the cupboard for the time being, to perfume my laundry. I'll be recommending your brand.
And the box is very pretty and reminds me of old decors. I love it.

Wirklich gut

Vor allem die Handseife ist gut verträglich und riecht gut. Die Lavendelserie gefällt mir!

alain p.

smells good!


Jasmine, or Jasminum, is a climbing plant with white or yellow flowers and an intoxicating, sweet fragrance. Its special characteristics lie in its olfactory and cosmetic properties. In perfumery, jasmine is highly prized for its bewitching, sensual fragrance, often used as the heart note in many perfume compositions. In cosmetics,jasmine essential oil is appreciated for its soothing, regenerating and balancing properties on the skin. It is used in face and body care products, notably for its moisturizing and softening effects. 

Jasmine is also associated with symbols of romance and purity, reflecting its bewitching fragrance and timeless delicacy. In short, jasmine is an emblematic plant, appreciated for its intoxicating fragrance and skin benefits, symbolizing beauty and sensuality.