Refill diffuser and Home Fragrance - Cherry Blossom

Refill for diffuser and perfume
Refill for diffuser and perfume

Refill diffuser and Home Fragrance - Cherry Blossom

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✔️ Universal (for diffuser and home fragrance)
✔️ Made in France
✔️ 90% natural ingredients
✔️ Vegetable and vegan formula
✔️ Recycled and recyclable

Our Ingredients

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom fragrance, delicately musky, reveals elegant and voluptuous notes to transport you to the heart of a blooming orchard. 

Top notes: fruity and acidic freshness of blackcurrant. 

Heart notes: delicate cherry blossoms and buds. 

Base notes: dark and musky woods in contrast with the softness and femininity of the floral heart.


In order to offer ever more natural products that are respectful of consumers and the environment, Panier des Sens has chosen to formulate its perfume diffusers, Home Fragrances and universal refills on a base of vegetable alcohol from beet, wheat and sugar cane. Our universal fragrance refills are made from recycled and recyclable plastic and are composed of 90% natural ingredients. 

Why are the formulas not colored? 

n order to offer increasingly natural products that are respectful of consumers and the environment, Panier des Sens has chosen to formulate all the products in this collection with vegetable alcohol from beet, wheat and sugar cane and to exclude the use of artificial colorants and UV filters.

Economical and ecological, this universal refill fills both fragrance diffuser and Home Fragrance.

A one-way ticket to Japan: the unique fragrance of this Fleur de Cerisier perfume diffuser was created in Grasse by our master perfumers and perfumes a room for nearly 6 months. Its floral and musky notes allow to create a refined atmosphere.
Let yourself be bewitched by this delicate floral and musky fragrance. Its elegant and voluptuous notes will transport you to the heart of a flourishing orchard.

An environmentally friendly composition:

As always for the past 20 years, Panier des Sens always integrates the environmental aspect at the heart of the conception of its products. Thus, all the fragrances of our new range of Home Fragrances and diffusers are based on vegetable alcohol.
This alcohol is derived from beet, wheat and sugar cane.
In addition, our Home Fragrances and diffusers are refillable and recyclable. To reduce our waste even more, the refills of our Home Fragrances and our diffusers are the same, 1 products several uses!
Composed of 90% natural ingredients, our home fragrances are respectful of consumers and the environment.

The Cherry Blossom for a peaceful and zen atmosphere:
Originally from China, Feng Shui is the art of arranging a house according to the energies.
For a house with a relaxing atmosphere, here are some tips to rearrange its interior:

  •  Focus on minimalism: free up space by getting rid of furniture that is no longer useful.
  • Circulate the air: in winter as in summer, open the windows to renew the air by letting it enter all the rooms of your house.
  • Integrate plants: to bring positive energies, freshness and naturalness in its decoration.
  • Use salt: to absorb negative energies and purify the house, place salt on the floor.
  • Orient your furniture: always towards the north, like your bed.
  • Perfume your home: a Fleur de Cerisier home fragrance to help your body relax, reduce stress and escape into your thoughts. The subtly retro design will bring a soft and colorful touch to any room.

With the home fragrance, a few sprays will be enough to bring a comforting and soothing sensory dimension to your home. The diffusion of the perfume is instantaneous: your room is immediately transformed into a haven of peace.
With the diffuser of perfume, embalm the room in a continuous way during nearly 6 months thanks to the rattan sticks. The diffusion of the perfume is done by capillarity: the perfume contained in the bottle goes up along the rattan rods to diffuse the perfume in the air.
This natural phenomenon makes it possible to delicately release the perfume of the Cherry Blossom to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Ambiance & Maison collection:
This collection, symbol of art of living and sensoriality, embodies three great olfactory families: Floral, Fruity and Woody. The perfumes are designed by our master perfumers in Grasse, the cradle of world perfumery, whose know-how related to perfume has been recognized as part of the Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
A collection to perfume your home with scented candles, home fragrances, perfume diffusers and universal refills for an infinite scent!

The AMBIANCE & MAISON collection illustrates PANIER DES SENS 's commitment to sustainable development


A true concentrate of Provence, these universal refills are imagined, designed, manufactured and packaged locally, always favoring short circuits for greater traceability. 


All our perfumes are created by master perfumers in Grasse, the cradle of Haute Parfumerie and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed around exceptional natural raw materials, they are exclusive to the brand. 


Our formulas do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, and exclude any testing on animals


Made of recycled plastic, this packaging is recyclable. For a more sustainable future, our goal is to always ensure that we reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

Unscrew the cap of the refill and carefully fill your perfume diffuser or your Home Fragrance with a funnel. An economical and ecological approach! 

Can I fill a diffuser or a home fragrance with a refill of a different fragrance? 

Technically yes, but we do not recommend it even if your diffuser is empty. The scented notes can permeate the glass bottle, mixing with the new fragrance and creating an unsubtle blend. 

Is it possible to put the stems of Natural rattan reeds directly into the refill bottle? 

Technically yes, but it is not recommended because the plastic bottle of the refill is very light and it could fall over under the weight of the rods of Natural rattan reeds.


Highly flammable liquid and vapors. Causes severe eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. 

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easily removable. Continue rinsing. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off contaminated clothing immediately. Rinse skin with water [or shower]. If eye irritation or rash occurs: Get medical attention. If eye irritation persists: seek medical attention. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces. Do not smoke. Dispose of contents/container in an appropriate manner. If medical advice is needed, keep container or label available. Keep out of reach of children. Read the label before use. 

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Customer Reviews

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valérie c.

A very pleasant smell and to rebound on the comments already left a perfume absolutely not heady at all

laetitia c.

I put it in my room and I love it!

celine a.
Cherry blossoms

Very pleasant scent

mila b.

It smells of good, of spring,wonderful!

carole c.
very pleasant scent

Very soft and fresh scent