3 steps to beautiful hands right down to the tips of your nails

hand hydration

Let's go for the beauty of the hands! Panier des Sens unveils its Beauty Ritual for the hands in 3 steps, for a perfect manicure in a few minutes!

Step 1: Clean your hands well

Before applying any product, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. For a complete treatment, we suggest using our Resourcing Grape exfoliating soap. Its fine particles of grape seed and apricot kernel gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. In addition to being soft, your skin will be nourished and lightly lightened of any spots!
If you do not wish to exfoliate your skin, no problem! Simply wash your hands with the Liquide Marseille Soaps. With lavender, verbena, rose, honey, olive, there is one for every taste!

Exfoliating soap Grape - 96% naturally-sourced ingredients
Liquide Marseille Soaps - between 95 and 97% naturally-sourced ingredients depending on the fragrance

moisturizing oil nails

Step 2: Get your nails in shape!

And by conditioning your nails, we mean making them perfect before applying polish. We start by pushing back the cuticles to clean and free the surface of the nail. Then, we gently file according to the desired shape, always in the same direction (from left to right or from right to left). Once the nails are clean, we apply our Nail & Cuticle Care Oil to the edges to nourish and soften the skin. The brush applicator allows an easy, precise use and leaves the nails clean, neat and perfectly hydrated, without greasy effect!

Little advice: if your nails are fragile and split, it is advised to use a glass nail file...

Nail & cuticle oil Almond - 95%. naturally-sourced ingredients

lavender hand cream

Step 3: The touch of color and hydration!

Finally, comes the application of the varnish. First of all, we apply a base coat so as not to damage the nails with the pigments of the nail polish, then we apply the color of our choice. This year, flashy colors are the trend of spring: red, yellow, orange or even Klein blue, we give pep to our nails! Then we fix it with a top coat.

To finish, when the varnish is dry, we moisturize intensely the hands with a cream adapted to each skin:

- Sensitive and reactive skins: hand cream Almond
- Skins damaged by external aggressions: hand cream Grape
- Dry skins: hand cream Honey
- Tight skins: hand cream Olive

You now have all the tips for perfect hands! And with the beautiful days coming, you can follow all these steps and take care of your hands on the terrace, for a moment of relaxation and complete well-being!

Shoppez les produits indispensables pour une manucure parfaite :

- Exfoliating soap - 5,50€
- Liquide Marseille Soaps - 12€ / 12,50€
- Nail & cuticle oil - 14,50€
- Hand creams - from 6€ to 10,90€

Gift ideas : think about our hand care boxes !

- Coffret Jolies Mains Amande - 14,50€
- Hand care boxes - set of 3 hand creams - 18

hand cream in lavender fields