How to perfume your home ?

how to scent your home

There are many ways to feel good at home. Perfuming your home allows you to bring a particular atmosphere to your rooms, it plays an important role in your personal well-being and allows you to embellish your spaces while bringing an olfactory signature to your home.

Scented candle, home fragrance diffuser, home fragrance mist: how to scent your home? We tell you everything in this article!

Which home fragrance to choose?

fragrance diffusers

Indoor fragrance diffusers with natural rattan sticks

The diffuser home perfume is ideal for a diffusion in the small rooms, because it brings a constant diffusion of perfume so that your room has always a pleasant smell. Depending on the intensity you are looking for, you can modulate the number of sticks placed inside. The more sticks you have, the more intense, powerful and fast diffusing the fragrance will be. Think of turning over the sticks from time to time to restart the diffusion. The home ambiance diffuser can also be a beautiful decorative element. Remember to refill it or use it as a vase with a few flowers when finished.

home fragrance

Perfumes or home sprays

We love them because of their practical format! It is very easy to spray your curtains, closets or pillows with a simple spritz. A few sprays of perfume are enough to have a house that smells good. The home fragrance allows you to control the amount of scent you release. In a single gesture, naturally perfume your home. Depending on the size of your room, spray once or twice. One spray will be enough to create a discreet veil, several sprays are necessary for a more pronounced smell. Once finished, you can refill it or use it as a soliflore or candle jar.

scented candles

Scented candles

A candle with natural wax and 100% vegetable, will create a warm atmosphere in the rooms of your house. A natural scented candle offers an optimal burning and allows a diffusion of perfume during several hours. The vegetable wax is biodegradable and thus respects the environment.

To scent your home is to bring a real olfactory identity to the various rooms of your interior. It is essential to take the time to choose your fragrances well, because it will have an impact on your feeling and your well-being. Choose fresh and fruity notes in the entrance hall, a floral and zen note to relax in your living room or a woody fragrance to bring character, gourmet and sweet notes are recommended for the kitchen and finally fragrances with relaxing benefits are recommended for the bedroom.

Give a second life to your finished candles

Use your pot as a soliflore or as a planter by placing some gravel in it before planting your succulents or herbs. The possibilities are numerous, you can use your pot for any type of storage, jewelry, pins, pencils, makeup brushes or even makeup remover pads. Your items will be nicely displayed and easier to access.

home perfumes Cotton Flower

Panier des Sens launches its new collection of home fragrances with the sweet scents of Provence.

A scented atmosphere at home

Discover our new complete collection of three home fragrances representing well-being and the art of living, the key words of a range embodying pure sensoriality: candles, diffusers, home fragrances and universal refills. A natural, eco-designed and reusable range

We offer you 100% vegetable wax candles and perfumes on a 100% vegetable alcoholic base made from beet, wheat and sugar cane. A collection entirely eco-designed, 100% recyclable and refillable! The fruit of 160 years of artisanal know-how, our scented candles are formulated, manufactured and packaged by hand by wax craftsmen with exceptional expertise.

cedar house perfume

I choose my home fragrance

Cotton Flower for a cocooning atmosphere

Let yourself be intoxicated by this immaculate white fragrance. The fragrance of Cotton Flower will take you on a journey of softness and comfort. Why choose the fragrance Cotton Flower ? For its top notes of Rosewood, its heart notes of Cotton Flower, Ylang Ylang and its base notes of Musk and Tonka Bean.

Cedar Wood for a hygge interior

Escape through this majestic and full-bodied fragrance. The scent of cedar and its resinous and leathery notes will plunge you into the heart of a lush and wild forest. Why choose the fragrance Cedar Wood ? For its top notes of White Flowers, its heart notes of Cedarwood and its base notes of Moss and Leather.

Cherry tree in bloom for a Feng Shui atmosphere

Let yourself be enchanted by this floral, delicate and musky fragrance. The scent of cherry blossom reveals elegant and voluptuous notes that will transport you to the heart of a flourishing orchard. Why choose the Cherry Blossom fragrance? For its top notes of Blackcurrant, for its heart notes of Cherry Blossom and for its base notes of Amber, White Musk and Blond Wood.

house perfume cherry blossom

4 products for an interior that smells like Provence

The scented candle with 100% vegetable wax

Perfume your home with a generous format offering 50 hours of combustion. With its 100% cotton wick, its recyclable and reusable glass jar, our large scented candle will become your essential for a sweet-smelling interior.

The perfume diffuser

Composed of 90% natural ingredients and formulated on the basis of vegetable alcohol, from sugar beet and wheat, our home ambiance diffuser will perfume your home. Its bottle is made of refillable and recyclable glass and its 8 natural rattan rods will allow you to adjust the diffusion of the product according to the power you wish to diffuse.

Home fragrance

Composed of 90% natural ingredients, formulated on the basis of vegetable alcohol, from sugar beet and wheat, our home fragrance will allow you to perfume your interior, your curtains or your linen. Its glass bottle is refillable and recyclable.

The universal recharge

Our refill is universal and specially designed to fill both the diffuser and the room spray. Endlessly reusable products!
house perfume cherry blossom
It's up to you to choose the fragrance that best suits your tastes and your home. Take the time to choose the right ambiance product, which will allow you to perfume your spaces in order to feel good and to give a real personality to your interior.

Each room fragrance offers a specific olfactory experience, more or less intense, which varies from one room to another.