The benefits of honey in cosmetics

benefits of honey


The use of honey in cosmetics, also called apitherapy, has many virtues for the skin. Once called "nectar of the gods", honey has become a key ingredient, due to its naturalness and benefits, used in the formulas of many cosmetic products. Discover in this article all you need to know about honey!

Apitherapy, what is it?

Apitherapy is known as the ancestral technique, using all the substances produced or secreted by the bee in apiculture, for therapeutic purposes. Pollen, honey, propolis (hive resin), royal jelly and venom are used in many cosmetic products. Each substance has its own virtues, while having the advantage of being 100% natural.

honey virtues on the skin

What are the different stages of honey harvesting?

The honey harvest can be done between the end of spring and September, depending on my regions and the type of honey to harvest. We went to meet Cédric, beekeeper from Marseille! They explain us the different steps of the harvest.


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Its virtues in cosmetics

Honey is known for its moisturizing qualities of the epidermis. Its fatty texture fixes and retains the molecules of water and thus prevents its evaporation. The reason? Its pH is very close to the epidermis, it preserves our hydrolipidic film and helps the skin to protect itself from external aggressions (temperature variations, pollution, UV, etc.).

Sugar, present in more than 80% of its composition, softens the skin. The mineral substances (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus), the vitamins (C, K, of the group B), trace elements (iron, copper, manganese, zinc) and the amino acids bring to him a soothing function for the skin, but also repairing.

The honey also possesses detoxifying and purifying virtues, allowing a cleaning of the skin in-depth. The anti-oxidants that compose it fight against the effects of aging and make it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. These molecules, such as phenolic and flavoid compounds, trap free radicals generated by the body and respond to environmental aggressions that promote cellular aging.

honey scrub and hand cream

For which type of skin?

Honey is suitable for all skin types thanks to its strong moisturizing and healing properties. For dry, sensitive, dehydrated, unbalanced and aggressed skin, it will comfort you! It also improves acne and eczema problems. However, we advise atopic skins to be careful with people allergic to pollen. Some products can cause irritation.

A simple cosmetic recipe to make with honey: the repairing lip balm

It is very simple to do good to your skin by making your own honey-based cosmetics.

What do you need?

1/4 tsp. liquid honey (borage or acacia) and 1/2 tsp. vegetable coconut oil.


Mix ingredients in a small bowl and apply to lips as needed. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for a few days.

Regenerating Honey our regenerating and soothing range

honey collection

We were inspired by nature to create our range of care Regenerating Honey, composed up to 99 % naturally-sourced ingredients, based on extract of Organic Honey of Provence and Propolis.

Our range with organic honey grown in Haute-Provence brings softness, protection and comfort to all skin types. Concentrated in active ingredients of natural origin, honey moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates. Thanks to its high sugar content, it retains water molecules in the epidermis, boosts hydration and prevents dryness. It comforts and protects the skin, gently.

The choice of a reasoned agriculture in the choice of our ingredients


We favor sustainable and organic agriculture as it is currently the case with the organic honey, used in the formula of our products in our collection at Regenerating Honey, harvested in Haute-Provence. Sustainable agriculture is a system of agricultural production whose main objective is to optimize the economic result by controlling the quantities of inputs, such as chemical substances used (pesticides and fertilizers, for example) in order to limit their impact on the environment. Panier des Sens supports the local production of the beekeeping world by associating itself with a network of local producers!

Four essentials for exfoliated and moisturized skin

Succumb to our 98% natural Honey Exfoliating Soap
Cooked in a cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseille, this liquid soap enriched with pumice stone gently cleanses the skin and ensures a delicate exfoliation every day.


Exfoliating Soap Regenerating Honey

Let yourself be tempted by our Honey Scrub Sugar 99% natural
This greedy sugar scrub gently cleanses and exfoliates the body. Impurities and dead cells are eliminated, the skin texture is refined.

sugar scrub

Sugar scrub & Ultra-nourishing Queen's cream

Crack for our Honey hand cream 97 % natural
This cream with the melting and not fatty texture protects and nourishes the hands. They are then soft and comfortable, delicately perfumed.

hand-honey cream

Hand cream Regenerating Honey

Don't wait any longer to try our Ultra-Nourishing Queen's Cream Honey 99% natural

This ultra-comforting, extra-rich cream nourishes the skin and preserves its natural barrier. The skin, better moisturized and protected from external aggressors, is softer, suppler and more comfortable.


- The skin is nourished: 100
- The skin is repaired: 100
- The skin is comforted: 100
- The skin is regenerated: 100

*Clinical trial, 11 volunteers,

% satisfaction after 21 days of use.


Ultra-Nourishing Queen's Cream Regenerating Honey

From the coast of Marseille to the foothills of the Alps, bees fly over many kilometers to meet the flowers of Provence. Fields of lavender, rosemary of the maquis, thyme of the garrigue, flowers of the mountains, market gardening and fruit growing... The diversity of the land and climate supports a varied flora at the origin of exceptional honeys, used in the formulation of products Panier des Sens. The combination of these active ingredients with nourishing, protective and regenerating properties brings softness and comfort to all skin types in body care products with smooth and melting textures. Enjoy a sensory journey through our products with notes of honey, gourmand and deliciously addictive.