4 tips to take care of your hands!

hand care

You are probably used to pampering your body but do you think about taking care of your hands? They are fragile because they are exposed to many elements such as the cold, household products, repeated washing, tanning or even dirt. Hands are also the part of your body that shows your age or the way you care for them on a daily basis. We give you our tips on how to properly care for your hands and not neglect them.

moisturized hands


Exfoliation is an important step in hand care. The hands are very often solicited and are frequently in contact with harmful and aggressive substances such as dishwashing liquid or hard water. They are also exposed to UV rays, pollution and cold.

The hand scrub or exfoliation will allow you :

  • Eliminate dead skin and cells to allow the skin to regenerate better,
  • To limit the appearance of brown spots on the hands,
  • Optimize the effectiveness of your hand moisturizer,
  • And therefore keep your hands soft and supple!

There are many different methods of scrubbing. You can either use a specific scrub for hand care or make your own. It is not recommended to use body scrubs for hands as their formulas are too harsh on the fine skin of the hands. Instead, use a scrub designed specifically for hands.

To make your own scrub, there are many homemade recipes with ingredients that are easy to obtain or that you can find in your closet right now.

Know that simply mixing sand from the beach with water can gently exfoliate the skin of the hands.

hand cream


The mask is the step that will allow you to replenish your hands with a concentrated supply of moisturizing ingredients. You can apply a simple moisturizing face mask on your hands to get a smooth and supple skin. The mask generally allows to refine the grain of skin while a protection against the external aggressions.

To erase gradually the brown spots on your hands, the essential oil of celery is known to be effective.

hand mask


Moisturizing is a step that should not be neglected, especially in winter to avoid chapping and irritation on your hands. For optimal hydration, choose moisturizing hand creams made with honey, shea butter orsweet almond oil. These three ingredients are known for their moisturizing properties. Apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream morning and night, massaging gently to ensure that the care product is well absorbed. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation as soon as you wash your hands or if your skin pulls you.

To optimize the effectiveness of your moisturizing cream, spread a generous amount of cream then leave it on all night in cotton gloves.

Nail care hands


You can't take care of your hands without taking care of your nails! Taking care of your nails helps to avoid cuticles damaged nails, bitten nails or a nail polish in bad condition.

File your nails with a file soft (do not use an iron file) without brutalizing the nail: on top of the nail and on the edges with one-way movements (back and forth splits the nails).

Then comes the hydration of your nails. You can nourish your nails with a circular massage with oil. The oil helps soften the cuticles and push them back to let the nail breathe. Do not cut the cuticles with scissors but push them back with a boxwood stick after applying your oil.

Finish the treatment by applying your moisturizing hand cream, massage from the wrist to the fingertips, insisting on the nails to moisturize them.

You now have all our tips for taking care of your hands every day. The beauty of the hands is a real asset of seduction, so it is important to have healthy hands.

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