5 good reasons to switch to solid cosmetics


Cosmetics represent 5% of plastic packaging in France, i.e. about 55,000 tons(source: FEBEA) and 5,000 billion pieces of plastic are already floating in our oceans(source: Nationalgeographic).

It is high time to act! Every action counts. Limiting our plastic consumption and changing our way of consuming by switching to solids is a great ecological gesture for the planet! We give you 5 reasons to switch to solids in this article.

Solid cosmetics are pleasant to use

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Solid cosmetic formulas are more concentrated and therefore more effective. We take care to adopt our formulas to best meet your expectations. Although they meet specific needs (such as our solid shampoo for oily hair or our solid shampoo for dry hair), we make sure that our products are pleasant to use every day. We attach great importance to the textures of our products, as with our ultra-foaming solid almond shampoo or the more delicate foam of our new radiance face soap, enriched with rose and cornflower floral waters, which is very pleasant to apply to the skin.

Using a solid is fun! Its compact size makes it easy to apply and convenient for the whole family. On top of that, you can take it anywhere. Just dry it and slip it into your toiletry bag for a weekend or a trip.

Solid cosmetics help limit the impact on the environment

Going solid means limiting your personal plastic consumption. Solid cosmetics are often protected by zero-waste plastic packaging, as is the case, for example, with our solid shampoosand conditioners. Our goal is always to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. Our solids are protected by FSC-certified (from sustainably managed forests) and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes. Shower gels are composed of 80% water, so the carbon footprint is higher when using a plastic shower gel. In a more responsible approach, we offer our liquid soaps and shower gels in bulk format in our stores!

Solid cosmetics are effective

Solid cosmetic reviews show that solid soap, solid shampoo and solid conditioner are effective.


Almond shampoo for normal hair

They are made from natural ingredients. All the active ingredients in Panier des Sens products have been selected for their cosmetic quality.

For our solid conditionerSweet almond oil, rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid naturally present in our skin, nourishes and protects the hair fiber. Thanks to its composition rich in saturated fatty acids and oleic acid, sweet almond oil softens the hair and protects it from drying out, giving it a velvety feel. The organic sweet almond extract from Provence is rich in vitamins including biotin and unsaturated fatty acids, it is known to strengthen the hair and make it shine. Shea is a natural active ingredient derived from the shea nut. The Shea Butter is recognized worldwide for its nourishing and protective properties. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, but also in fatty acids, it nourishes the hair fiber and allows it to better defend itself against dehydration and external aggressions.

Solid cosmetics are easy to carry



Carrying a bottle of shampoo or conditioner in your toiletry bag is not always easy: it's heavy, it's big, the size doesn't always fit in your hand luggage and finally the risk of it leaking is often problematic! With solid cosmetics, there is no need to think anymore! Reduce your multiple bottles and opt for solid formats. Light and small, they will be very easy to take everywhere with you, thanks to their nomadic format! You don't have to leave your conditioner behind when you go away for the weekend, your solid will take up less space than a bottle. So why deprive yourself?

Solid cosmetics are economical

A solid cosmetic lasts much longer than a non-solid cosmetic. This works for solid body soap, solid dish soap, solid shower soap and solid hair conditioner.


Indeed, for example for our solid shampoos honey, grape or almond :

1 pebble 2 plastic bottles 250 ml.

1 pebble 25 to 30 washes.


Longer use means saving money too! By switching to solids, you buy less often, which is more economical. Preserve your solids by drying them. Check out our brand new 100% natural cotton eco net!


The eco-filet


As you can see, solid cosmetics are pleasant to use; ecological, economical, fun, practical, and composed naturally-sourced ingredients ! If you haven't already done so, why not try them (and adopt them very quickly).