Need a little freshness? Let's Focus on verbena!

verbena essential oil
A true paradox of nature, verbena is both relaxing and invigorating.

Often used in the form of herbal tea or infusion, verbena also has multiple aromatherapeutic and cosmetic virtues. Here is an overview of vervain and its benefits.

A plant used in aromatherapy:

Theessential oil of verbena, nicknamed "witch doctor herb", contains many benefits thanks to its powerful active ingredients. Inhalation, ingestion or on the skin, its oil acts on health thanks to its anti-inflammatory active ingredients, and well-being by fighting against low spirits and/or sleep disorders thanks to its comforting and soothing action.

Used in cosmetics since Antiquity, it tones and firms the skin by detoxifying it and by acting against skin aging. Ideal for dry and sensitive skins, verbena is also used in case of insect bites and sunburns, which makes it indispensable in summer!

Useful from head to toe, it also helps hair to regulate excess sebum and to give shine to dull manes thanks to its astringent power.

vervain collection panier des sens

You will have understood, the effectiveness of lemon verbena is no longer to be proven! That's why we decided to make Lemon Verbena soap from the Authentique line available in candles and diffusers to scent your home and in lip balms for your well-being!

hand cream and liquid soap panier des sens

Let yourself be seduced by this plant with a thousand virtues!