How do you look after your skin in winter?

caring for your skin in winter

Did you know that skin care is not the same in summer and winter? In winter, skin is put to the test. The cold can have harmful consequences on its appearance, and it's essential to pamper it so that it can face the winter season in the best possible conditions. In this article, discover our tips for preparing your summer body well in advance!

Taking care of yourself has positive consequences for your skin!

Visit SKIN CARE doesn't just involve the use of cosmetics. Your pace of life and your daily habits play an important role.


Think about drink water in sufficient quantity (tea or herbal tea is a good way to keep warm and hydrated in winter). Hydration on the inside shows on the outside. We recommend drinking eight glasses of water (just under two liters) a day, your skin will be more radiant and hydrated.

Stop smoking (or cut down)

We validate "November is Smoke-Free Month", but if you quit smoking all year round, it would be even better for you and your skin! Smoking reduces oxygen circulation to the skin and accentuates wrinkles above and below the lips. On top of that, it gives you a dull, grayish complexion. We agree... It's high time toquit smoking?

Limit the pleasure of hot water

Yes, we all love a hot shower to warm us up after a cold day! Unfortunately, taking baths and/or showers that are too hot dries out the skin, encourages hair breakage and the appearance of varicose veins. If you have dry skin, choose showers rather than baths.

For the more courageous, you can also finish your shower with a cold water jet. Cold water revitalizes blood circulation, promoting the circulation of oxygen in the body, venous return and the transport of nutrients needed for proper organ function.

In addition, cold water gives your hair strength, softness and shine. It also prevents dandruff and hair loss. As you can see, cold water, the cold shower So it's not all torture: just turn the tap gently and get used to it gradually. For optimum effect, the temperature should be between 10 and 20 degrees.

Eat healthily and limit excesses

For a healthy skinIt is advisable to focus on fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants such as dried beans, cranberries, artichokes, raspberries, prunes, strawberries and apples. A well-balanced diet will limit skin ageing. Excess alcohol and caffeine can also dehydrate your body. Drink in moderation!

Cover up

To limit the drying out of your skin, remember to cover up well (especially your hands) to avoid exposing your skin to the cold and wind.

winter skin hydration tips

Tips for baby skin, even in winter!

Moisturize your face and neck

In winter, your skin is more in need of nourishment. You can replace your make-up remover with a cleansing milk to nourish the epidermis. They contain moisturizing agents such as Shea Butter and argan oil, perfect for winter skin.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

The sun and its effects are present, even in winter. Use a moisturizer containing a UV protection to protect your skin from wrinkles and discoloration.

Choose moisturizing milks and balms and/or body oil!

After your (lukewarm) shower, it's time to choose a body butter for your skin. Avoid alcoholic skincare products, preferring instead moisturizing milks or body balms that soothe the skin and prevent feelings of discomfort and tightness.

Discover our Soothing Almond and Regenerating Honey body butters (gourmand and seasonal) or our moisturizing milks in Geranium Rosat, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Rose and other intoxicating fragrances that will bring you a little sweetness (and sunshine) this winter.

L'body oil is a good solution forhydration. It often has a dual function, as you can usually use it for both your body and your hair. There are dry oilswhich moisturize intensely without leaving the skin feeling greasy, and the thicker oils that take longer to absorb. Don't hesitate to try them out to see which one suits you best.

Discover our naturally scented Vintage Grape Oil. It provides complete care from face to hair, bringing you softness and comfort.

Exfoliate your skin

The use of a scrub will help you get rid of dead cells and reinforce the effectiveness of your products by allowing them to penetrate more easily. We recommend using a gentle exfoliation to exfoliate the skin on your body and face twice a week.

Why not indulge in our Rituel de la Vigne body scrub or the sugared scrubs at Regenerating Honey with their abundant, tasty bursts of sugar?

Don't forget your hands!

Your hands are also subject to cold aggression. Nourish them with a moisturizing hand cream.

Our Almond, Honey, Grape, Verbena, Jasmine and Lavender hand creams will become your winter essentials.
protected skin winter
In winter, when the weather gets colder, it's essential to adapt not only your beauty routine, but also your lifestyle habits to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the cold. A good winter routine means choosing the right cosmetics, eating a balanced diet and avoiding excess... TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!