Eco-responsible gestures, how to protect our planet at our scale?

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On June 5th, we celebrated the World Environment Day. On this day, but also every day of the year, it is essential to take care of our Planet and to adopt the right gestures to protect our environment. Together, we will see how it is possible to act daily through simple but effective eco-responsible gestures.

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Reduce waste

We don't realize it, but we waste a lot every day in many areas: food, cosmetics, clothes, electricity, water, etc. There are many ways to limit this waste and encourage recycling. However, there are many solutions to limit this waste and encourage recycling.

For food, avoid overfilling your plates if you don't have the appetite to finish everything. Use glass tupperware to store leftovers. There are also many ways to limit waste such as cooking recipes using vegetable or fruit peelings with Chef Simon or participating in many solidarity actions such as the Frigos Solidaires. Don't throw away, share!

For clothes, there are several resale sites. You can also donate to associations. There are many relays at your disposal. You don't like a piece of clothing anymore or it has become too small or too big for you or your children? Don't throw it away, give it to someone else who will be happy to give it a new life! And you too, why not buy second hand? You can find beautiful little vintage or brand new nuggets.

For cosmetics, it is no longer necessary to buy full size products on vacation and throw it away half full before getting back on the plane. There are small sizes of your favorite cosmetic brands, easy to take everywhere!

There are also many bulk sales distributors. Don't hesitate to go to your favorite stores and fill your containers with the necessary quantities.

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Limit plastic

70 kilos of plastic are consumed by the French, on average, each year. Plastic has a devastating effect on the fauna and flora because it is found everywhere: in the oceans, on the paths in the forests or hiking trails, in the Arctic glaciers and on the beaches. It is not possible to know the exact degradation time of plastics made from petroleum but what we do know is that once implanted, it is impossible to remove it. Plastic has a real impact on our ecosystems. That's why, when possible, limit non-recyclable plastic packaging or use glass containers. You can, for example, replace plastic bags with tote bags or promote bulk sales.

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Consume locally

Why consume products from the other side of the planet when you have quality products close to home! Favour local producers and short circuits. You won't be disappointed for your health, for the gustative aspect and for your ecological conscience.

recycled and recyclable products

At Panier des Sens, what green actions are adopted?

Eco-responsible packaging

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and the packaging of our bestsellers become 100% recycled and recyclable! That means 12.7 tons less plastic and 78% recycled aluminum!

Our liquid soaps are available in a 100% eco-responsible format!

Discover our glass bottles of Liquid Marseille Soap Rose, Provence or Provence and refill them every month via our eco-refills. You can also refill your bottles in our soap bar available in our stores.

3 fragrances available: Rose, Provence & Lavender

From next month, find three new eco-refills fragrances!

Discover also our solid soaps in many fragrances, with the sweet scent of Provence!

We particularly appreciate them because they do not contain any controversial substances, they are 95% natural, they are good for the skin, they keep for a long time, they are economical and they produce (almost) no waste!

All our products are made in France in our beautiful region of Provence. We collaborate daily with local producers and environmental protection associations. We are proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet collective!

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We can't change the past, but we can work together, on a daily basis, for the future of our beautiful Planet. Acting responsibly on a daily basis does not require much effort and brings real results on the preservation of our environment. There are no small gestures because every gesture counts. So let's not waste time, let's act before it's too late! Let's protect our natural environment and our green spaces through simple daily gestures.

Everything you need to know about our eco-actions!