Perfume absolutes, exceptional raw materials

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Perfume absolute is the most precious extract of the vegetable matter. Like essential oil, it is a very concentrated extract of plant material. Very close to the latter, what differentiates it is the complex technique for obtaining the absolute. This makes it rare and expensive. Discover in this article all the secrets of the absolute.

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How is the absolute produced?

The absolute of perfume is a fragrance resulting from a vegetable matter (a seed, a flower, a bark, wood or root for example). It is the strongest concentration of perfume. Unlike essential oil, it is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents (ethanol, methanol, benzene or carbon dioxide). The essential oil is obtained by hydro-distillation of the plant.

There are two methods of extraction:

Extraction by maceration

The plant is macerated in a volatile solvent. It is "washed" several times to extract the odorous molecules. It is then decanted and distilled. We obtain a thick paste called a concrete. This one is macerated in alcohol. We then extract all the odorous molecules. After filtration, the evaporated alcohol gives the much sought after absolute.

The fat

It is possible to obtain the absolute by transferring the odors of the vegetable raw material into fat. The material is then washed to extract the odorous components. One obtains then the absolute of perfume.



precious jasmine collection

Absolutes in perfumery

Unlike essential oils, absolutes cannot be used in aromatherapy because of their very high concentration. It is rare that absolutes are sold pure. They are usually diluted in alcohol and are used in the manufacture of perfumes, eau de parfum andeaux de toilette. One liter of absolute allows to manufacture approximately 3 000 liters of perfume.

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The absolutes at Panier des Sens

Grasse perfumery and its ancestral know-how are honored through our range of care products with perfume absolutes. A land of flowers overlooking the French Riviera, Grasse is recognized by UNESCO as the world capital of perfumery for the transformation of natural raw materials and the quality of its essences and creations. Cold extracted, like an elixir, the absolute used in our Eaux de Toilette concentrates all the facets of the plant through a precious, highly concentrated floral fragrance.

At the heart of our care formulas in our Les Absolues collection, olive oil is a real gem recognized for its cosmetic virtues. It nourishes, softens, tones, protects, revitalizes and participates in cell renewal.


3 emblematic fragrances

asbestos of Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Absolute: emblematic of Provence, the Orange Blossom is one of the essential raw materials of the Haute Parfumerie Grassoise. Picked at the beginning of spring, it gives off a unique and bewitching sunny scent. Its hesperidian freshness echoes the radiance of the Mediterranean, a true ode to light and lightness.


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jasmine absolute

Precious Jasmine Absolute: a powdery and generous trail. Gathered in August at first light, its immaculate flowers deliver a bewitching, powdery and slightly fruity fragrance. The small, delicate flowers of the Jasmine Grandiflorum were already used in the 16th century by the master glove makers and perfumers of Grasse. Very quickly, this real plant jewel became a must in the perfumers' palette and was at the heart of Grasse horticulture.

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geranium absolute perfume

Geranium Rosat Absolute: an intense and floral trail. Geranium has a particularly fine pinkish scent, both sweet and powerful, very similar to that of the rose. It is distinguished by its light green and lemony notes. Introduced in Europe in the 17th century, Geranium was first used for medicinal purposes. It was soon used in perfumery for the fragrant properties of its leaves and stems.

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The Absolutes honored for our 20th anniversary

Panier des Sens is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! For this occasion, we have created in collaboration with the Musée International de la Parfumerie, a collector's box composed of 3 Eaux de Toilette in roll-on format, with Geranium Rosat, Precious Jasmine and Orange Blossom absolutes, emblematic of Provence, presented in a metal box.

As you can see, the absolute is the most precious essence of the raw plant material. Our perfumes are created in Grasse, the cradle of world perfumery. Exclusive to the brand, they are designed around exceptional natural raw materials. Sublimated by the master perfumers of Grasse, they are at the center of each composition of our collection of perfume absolutes.