Zero waste tips for a more responsible Christmas

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Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaited times of the year for children and adults alike. It's a time of comfort and magic all over the world. Preparing for Christmas requires a great deal of organization and advance planning. Home decorations, the Christmas table, buying presents, etc. - there are plenty of little things you can do to continue consuming better before and during the festive season. We caught up with Inès Moreau, from the Instagram account Lespetitsgestes. Inès, a committed author, defines herself as a "Planter of seeds of awareness". On a daily basis, she highlights all her tips for a different, simpler, planet-focused way of consuming. Through her posts and books, she shares her many tips for reducing waste, taking care of yourself naturally, reducing your carbon footprint and everything else you can do to consume more responsibly. Today, she shares with us the little things you can do before and during the festive season.

Small gestures to adopt before the holidays

We say no to commercial Advent calendars, but why not try a local, handmade calendar with little surprises for the whole family, or a solidarity-inspired Advent calendar!

Every year, Will for Change sets up a reverse Advent calendar. The idea? To bring love by offering gifts to people in need. How does it work? Use an empty cardboard box, choose who you'd like to give it to (adult, child, man, woman, etc.), add a useful item each day (hygiene product, tin, socks, clothes, toys, etc.), decorate the box and drop it off at one of the collection points before December 17. It's a great way to put a smile on someone's face and warm their heart.

reverse advent calendar

The Christmas tree? The essential element for a successful Christmas... But not just any tree! You can make your own handmade tree (Inès has been making hers out of wood for the past 4 years). You can also make it from books or recycled bottles (get inspired on Pinterest), or opt for a potted organic and local tree, to replant afterwards. Finally, you can choose to rent one for the occasion. The big plus is that it won't be thrown away afterwards!

wooden fir tree

Photo credit: lespetitsgestes

For those who like to get into the Christmas spirit, you can use natural decorations (pine cones, fir branches and natural paint), either second-hand (at flea markets, in friends' cellars or on Vinted) or homemade.

Small gestures to adopt during the festive season

Choose to create and share a meal that's a little more minimalist, with seasonal and local ingredients and no food waste, to limit your carbon footprint. Remember to redistribute leftovers to your guests or freeze them.

Give preference to intangible gifts (giving experiences is so much more valuable and creates memories), second-hand or hand-made. 

Make a reusable gift-wrap: with a customized fabric bag, furoshiki (a Japanese fabric-folding technique) or simply newspaper.

Finally, choose an ethical or second-hand outfit to shine on the big day.

furoshiki Christmas gift wrap

Photo credit : Camif

Inès' eco-friendly gift ideas


Lip balm, candle, bee wraps, pretty tawashi, soap, hot chocolate lollipops

From the immaterial

A weekend in one of our regions of France in a tinyhouse, or a cabin to get closer to nature, a show, a treatment, a workshop to learn a skill (beer, bag, pottery), a photo session, a cooking or drawing class, a subscription to music, yoga or meditation, a La ferme de Peuton yoga retreat to give yourself time for yourself.

Zero waste

Washable cotton pads, a kit to make your own household or beauty products using Inès' books, for example, or a water bottle.
Some books

For all ages and tastes, you'll find them in bookshops near you.


A piece of clothing found at a thrift store, a second-hand item or an online second-hand shop.


On the online stores of associations like @unicef_france, Inès finds her gifts, and her purchases enable her to support the association's actions.

Online shopping

Inès has fallen for the eshop Panier des Sens where you'll find cosmetics (for men and women), perfumes and candles for the home, all made in France with natural ingredients sourced in short circuits. For 20 years, our Provencal brand has been committed to natural, responsible beauty! The perfect way to give pleasure this Christmas, while taking care of our health and the environment! And for clothing ideas, there are several committed platforms where you can find what you're looking for, such as Dreamact and We dress fair.


Inès Moreau Small gestures

Inès Moreau: @Lespetitsgestes