The benefits of Shea Butter in winter

Winter has been here for 3 months already and the cold weather is attacking our skin more and more every day. Between the wind, rain, snow and so many other external aggressions, it is completely dehydrated! Our skin and our small lips too. But don't panic, we have thought of everything and we have prepared a selection of products with miracle ingredients! Last straight line before spring!

moisturize legs


Did you know that? The shea tree is found only in Africa. Its fruit is in the form of a nut that contains an edible kernel from which the fatty material that makes up the famous Shea Butter is extracted. Harvesting takes place during the wet season in Africa, between mid-June and mid-September, and it is very important to harvest only those fruits that have fallen to the ground. Those still present in the tree are not yet ripe enough and contain less oil.

Easily accessible, its price is adapted to all budgets and its benefits are declined for all the care of the skin, the hair, the face and much more!

And good news: Panier des Sens conceived several products rich in shea butter, for rituals of comforting care!

winter beauty routine


It's cold, your skin is taut and dry? Adopt a few beauty care reflexes and winter will become your favorite season!

almond body butter

Almond body butter

This body care has everything to moisturize deeply: olive oil, sweet almond extract and Shea Butter, it nourishes intensely and leaves a sweet gourmand scent. A delight for the skin!

foot balm
Almond foot balm

We told you, Shea Butter moisturizes every part of our skin! And our feet are not neglected. Panier des Sens has developed an ultra-rich care, containing up to 20% of Shea Butter, which soothes, repairs, hydrates and protects. Netflix, chill & moisturize your feet!

Olive Body Milk

THE comforting gesture in the morning... or in the evening! Combining Shea Butter with organic olive oil is a success: nourishing, antioxidant, light and without any greasy effect, it moisturizes you gently and leaves a delicate natural perfume. You will have a velvet skin that everyone will envy you!

hand creams
Essential hand cream

Lavender, rose, verbena, Provence, red thyme, there is something for everyone! And they are all composed of 20% of Shea Butter. Our hands are nourished and perfumed, without sticking. What more could you ask for? You absolutely need one in your bag!



The cold spares nothing and no one, and even less our lips... This winter, opt for moisturizing balms that will lightly tint your lips! Panier des Sens has developed a range of tinted lip balms so that you no longer go out with bare lips!

6 iridescent colors,
6 gourmet flavors,
6 comforting textures.

These lip balms have a beveled tip that allows for easy and precise application. The nourishing, shea butter-rich texture is non-sticky and leaves a subtle shine and real comfort. Dress your lips as you wish without damaging them, and kiss whoever you want!