Beauty rituals with White Grape Rescue

white grapes

Grapes have many benefits. Its composition makes it a natural anti-aging ingredient that unifies, firms and rejuvenates the skin. To benefit from a complete and effective treatment, adopt the Raisin Ressourçant beauty rituals PANIER DES SENS !

grape body care

Two customized beauty rituals

The days are busy, the pace is intense, the fatigue accumulates and we don't always have time to take care of ourselves. And yet, we know how pleasant and relaxing it is to take a moment to relax. Let us tell you that there is a secret to taking care of your skin on a daily basis, without taking more than 5 minutes: it's all about organization! More specifically, it's about ritualization. Ritualizing one's beauty routine consists in doing the same gestures every day. This saves time and makes it an effective part of our morning routine. The moment of a ritual, the body is soothed, the skin is replenished and the mind is relaxed.

For its collection based on Organic Resourcing Grape, PANIER DES SENS has designed its products according to 6 Detox treatments grouped into 2 beauty rituals. We assure you, you won't skip any step!

grape body care ritual

Body care ritual

Exfoliate - Ritual de la Vigne Scrub - 96% natural ingredients.
This crucial step of the ritual is done under the shower and very gently with the Ritual de la Vigne Scrub. The skin is purified, soft, smooth and delicately perfumed. The scrub prepares the skin for the other steps of the ritual and facilitates the penetration of the creams deeper into the epidermis!

To clean - Surgras Shower Gel - 95% natural ingredients.
The 5 minutes under the shower will turn out to be a real moment of happiness with the Surgras Shower Gel extra-mild, tolerated by all skin types! It cleanses, protects and preserves the natural hydration of the skin.

moisturizing cream and grape oil
Moisturize - Cream of the Vine - 97% natural ingredients.

Finally, regular moisturizing is the secret to silky skin. Our Crème de la Vigne restructures, firms and deeply nourishes the skin. Enriched with shea butter, it envelops you in a soft and silky veil and leaves you with a delicate scent that will stimulate you all day long!

grape range

Hand care ritual

Clean - Liquid Marseille Soap - 97% natural ingredients.
In winter, even more than usual, washing your hands several times a day is essential. It is then important to choose a good soap not to attack them. Elaborated in the purest tradition of Marseille, our liquid soap made from 100% vegetable oils respects your skin and leaves your hands completely clean!

Exfoliate - Gentle Exfoliating Soap - 96% natural ingredients.
To remove impurities and dead cells from your hands, we recommend the Gentle Exfoliating Soap. Its fine grape seed particles gently purify and unify the skin. Beneficial for the hands but also for the body!

Protect - Hand Cream - 97% natural ingredients.
We finish this ritual by pampering our hands. We moisturize them again and again with the Hand Cream with white grape extract and rich in Shea Butter. Perfect for softening the skin with a non-sticky texture that we love!
Beauty rituals are simple and effective gestures that offer us a necessary break for the well-being of our skin and our morale. It's all a question of ritualization!