Our tips for preparing Christmas in an eco-responsible way

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year for children and adults alike. It is a time of comfort and magic all over the world. Preparing for ChristmasPreparing for Christmas requires a lot of organization and advance planning. Decorating the house, the Christmas table, buying gifts, etc. We give you our tips to prepare Christmas with serenity... And in a RESPONSIBLE way!

christmas gifts

Christmas decorations for the house

Because of tradition, we often dream of a gigantic tree in the middle of the living room, of garlands of lights and decorations all over the house. For a more responsible ChristmasWe recommend a minimalist, more ecological decoration. There are many Do It Yourself projects that allow you to save time and money by making your own table decorations, gift packages, and even finding alternatives to the classic Christmas tree.

The birch tree recommended by Marieclaireidees!

wooden fir tree

With this tree, you will get an original alternative tree decoration. Nothing better than zero waste natural Christmas treeseasy to store and reusable indefinitely.

The crown of dried flowers

dried flower wreath
For your garlands of Christmas ornamentsOnce again, homemade will make your decoration more authentic and ecological and will bring fantasy to your interior. Use what is around you in nature, such as pine cone garlands, wreaths made from tree branches or baubles made from fabric scrapsfor example.

Your gifts in decorative elements

tissue gift paper

Don't hesitate to use the gifts you give to your loved ones to decorate your home. Under the tree, hanging from the branches or as a table decoration, limit your purchases and use whatever you already have. Our small Christmas House with hand creams allow you to combine decoration with the pleasure of giving. They can be hung on the branches of your tree until you can offer them to your loved ones on the big day.
Our scented candles dress your table with elegance.

Christmas table decorations

The table decoration is essential to highlight all the gourmet dishes you will serve to your guests. Favour old decorations from years past: unused candles, holly branches that you can customize or even acorns! This gives your table an authentic and forest spirit... atmosphere of mountain as we like it at this period, warm and comforting ! Decorate your table by mixing with more chic materials like velvet or copper for the cutlery or go hunting for beautiful mismatched dishes in flea markets to get a festive table that will make a lasting impression. Make a lasting impression with a original decoration and unique.

Gift ideas

Find theperfect gift idea is no easy task! For the holidays, the gift list is often long. Buying presents requires a lot of energy and involves significant expenses. However, it is possible to find beautiful and original gift ideas at low prices to please the whole family. Favor sustainable gift wrapping with pretty fabrics such as furoshiki.

This year, our collection of Made in France gifts, inspired by the windows of department stores, presents a magical world with Haussmannian facades awakened by the magic of Christmas. Discover our selection of natural cosmetics and home fragrances to offer or to use for a successful holiday decoration. Gifts to slip under the tree to please yourself during the holiday season.

christmas gift hand cream

The Christmas House:

To slip under the tree or to hang on its branches, our three Christmas Houses unveil hand creams with natural active ingredients from Provence Honey, Grape and Almond. Take advantage of a mini format, easy to slip into your bag or to take everywhere with you for beautiful and moisturized hands in all circumstances thanks to the moisturizing properties of Shea Butter (20%) associated with the benefits of olive oil.

christmas candle

Scented candles

Our handcrafted candles with their intoxicating fragrances illuminate interiors with softness and refinement.

Do you like woody fragrances? Go to Enchanted Forest in the starry night. The candle Enchanted Forest blends woody amber notes, slightly smoky reveal a mysterious and sacred atmosphere.

Do you like gourmet fragrances? Go for the candles Sweet madeleine and Gingerbread !

Deliciously regressive pleasure of yesteryear, under a winter sun, this is the promise of our candle Sweet madeleine. Discover the mix of almond and citrus aromas delicately burnished by a vanilla caramel. Open the door and let yourself be tempted by the greed of a gingerbread by the fire. The spices in profusion and the vanilla notes compose a warm, deliciously festive atmosphere. This is the fragrance of our candle Gingerbread !
christmas hand creams
Prepare the Christmas parties is a time of year we all look forward to. Today there are many alternatives for a A more responsible Christmas with sustainable decorations, for all budgets. Let's favor ecological decorations with personal creations or elements of nature that surround us.

Let's favour reusable packaging, when possible. Let's offer natural and sustainable Christmas gifts with eco-responsible packaging. There are no small gestures to preserve our planet. Each gesture counts.