Meeting with Juliette Katz

What if taking care of yourself on the inside was the secret to happiness?

juliette katz

Using good cosmetics for beautiful skin is great. Putting a positive intention behind it is even better. Taking care of yourselfisn't just about putting on a cream to reduce dark circles or using a serum to tighten dilated pores. It's also about highlighting areas of clarity on your face or feeling the softness of your skin under your fingers. Feeling beautiful and at ease in your body or in your skin means loving yourself as a whole, and appreciating why you do what you do every day.

Opting for a healthy diet, practicing regular exercise and living a responsible, sustainable lifestyle that respects nature and, above all, yourself, could be the keys to ticking the boxes towards your inner and outer well-being. We caught up with Juliette, who tells us today about her daily habits that make her feel good. Juliette, better known as " Coucou les girls " on her Instagram account and YouTube channel, singer, actress and model, inspires positivity, well-being and self-love with self-deprecating, humorous content that's good for the heart and body!

What we love about Juliette is her no-nonsense approach! Her job, her daily life, her life as a young mother, her relationship - she shares her life with no filter, and with a lot of humor and love... Quite simply, life!

Hello Juliette, how are you?

I'm fine, thanks.

Your morning and evening routine? Your beauty secret?

I have a morning routine that doesn't make you dream, but it's true: my son comes into bed to give me a big cuddle (or rather, to walk all over me) and my lover keeps an eye on me. Coffee with oat milk for 10 minutes in the quiet. Then it's on to breakfast and playtime with my son. When he leaves for nursery school, I spritz my face with hydrolat for a burst of freshness/to wake me up and also for its benefits, and follow with my face routine: serum, eye contour cream and spf. In the evening, I cleanse my face, shower and use the same products as in the morning (or almost) and go watch a series in bed!

How do you like to take care of yourself?

Honestly, it depends on the day and the period. Sometimes I forget all about myself (especially when my son's at home), but otherwise I like to do face masks, put tons of creams on my body, eat well and work out (come to think of it... which isn't often!). I like to get my nails done, and get a massage once a month (my little luxury since I became a mom).

What sport/activity makes you feel good?

Aqua Bike at Aqua By! I haven't been there in a few months, but it's my goal for the new school year: to go twice a week. It's hard, but I love the feeling once the session's over.

The look you feel good in?

Honestly? In my pyjamas! At least in "home clothes", I'm super comfortable. When I decide to dress up a bit, I love wearing jumpsuits. Especially those from Almé.

A comforting meal? Who cooks at home?

A ramen or anything that resembles Japanese cuisine (not the sushi we have in France). My keum does most of the cooking.

A recipe to share?

So simple and so good: freshly cut watermelon, a little mint and grilled halloumi, it's a real treat!

What makes you happiest?

It's not a thing but rather a person: my son. It's nian nian I know, but it's that he brings me so much love (there's my boyfriend too, I have to say it or I'll get yelled at).

Music that makes you feel good?

The entire Silk Sonic album.

The mantra that means the most to you?

I don't have a mantra as such. I trust my intuitions.

Your anti-depression remedy?

My son and my boyfriend.

The object/decorative element that makes you feel at home?

My bed. For a long time I slept on a really lousy mattress that hurt my back, so I never went there (except to sleep badly). Now that we have a mattress that's much too good, I have to admit that I spend (a lot of) time there (working, crying, meditating...).

You juggle your job and your life as a mom. How do you keep your balance despite your commitments?

It took me a long time to adapt and accept this new life. After 6 months, I found my balance. Our balance. When my son is at nursery (twice a week), that's when I work the most. Even if my bed calls me to chill out, I force myself to work as hard as I can to make time for my child when he's at home. My boyfriend and I are lucky enough to work from home, so we take turns whenever there's a work emergency. It's not easy every day, but we manage!

If you had to talk to the Juliette of 10 years ago, what would you say?

To believe in herself and stop giving so much importance to other people's words. To trust herself more and be bold.

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Photo credits @Jean-Charles Chavarin and @Eliott Aubin