Secrets of Provence : discover the benefits of aromatherapy

More than a simple diffusion of pleasant scents, aromatherapy is a true cure for well-being. This complex treatment offered by the essences of certain aromatic plants provides particularly targeted benefits. What are their virtues? How to use essential oils? Discover our small guide of the aromatherapy of essential oils of Provence.

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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the liquid concentrate of a plant, obtained by distillation. They are composed of natural aromatic molecules only. Recognized for their therapeutic properties, they have been used for thousands of years in several countries as alternative medicine. These practices have given rise to aromatherapy.

Essential oils have a shelf life of about 5 years after opening but 3 years when mixed with vegetable oils.

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Essential oil of Lavender

It allows to sanitize and disinfect the skin to allow a better healing. It also soothes the body and the mind thanks to its relaxing and soothing virtues.

Benefits :

- Healing
- Relaxing
- Antiseptic

On air: it delivers a soft and delicate scent to make the most of the soothing effects

In application: 1 drop of lavender essential oil diluted in 4 drops of vegetable oil to soothe burns and skin irritations.

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Essential oil of Sea Samphire

This plant of the edges of the Mediterranean resists salt, water and the sun. In essential oil, the robustness of this plant makes it possible to firm up the skin, to increase and reinforce the tonicity of the venous walls and to thus facilitate the blood flow and to obtain a better tonicity of the skin!


- Anti-cellulite
- Firming
- Draining

In application: 2 drops of essential oil in 8 drops of vegetable oil to massage on the areas affected by cellulite

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Essential oil of lemon verbena

Its refreshing and invigorating fragrance helps to fight against the small drops of morale and the blows of tiredness and gives again with the body and the spirit all the necessary energy.

- Energizing
- Digestive
- Anti-inflammatory

On air: Spread in the air of the house, its fragrances energize the atmosphere and give a boost of energy!

Ingesting: 1 drop of essential oil to be put under the tongue to fight against temporary depressions.

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IMPORTANT: Essential oils act on the whole body. It is therefore strongly recommended to take some precautions when using them, especially for sensitive users such as children and pregnant women.

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