Facial care: how to take care of your skin?

Taking care of your skin is essential to feeling good: a smooth and fresh complexion, a purified skin, a refined skin texture and with tightened pores, this is the secret to feel beautiful, naturally! Today we present you the routine to adopt for a hydrated skin and a radiant complexion, all year long.

Adopt a facial care routine

Deep cleansing is the second essential step. Nothing better than taking care of your skin with our Peony Hydration and Radiance routine. The benefits of peony are numerous. It is a powerful anti-oxidant. This exceptional beauty ingredient helps fight against premature aging. Known for its softening, restructuring and remineralizing properties, it brings comfort and softness to the skin. Our Peony collection will be perfect to give your skin the radiance and hydration it deserves.


Step 1: Cleanse and remove your skin

Cleansing and removing makeup from the skin are two complementary steps. It is essential to cleanse AND remove makeup from your face. This is called double cleansing (a method inspired by layering, an Asian beauty routine ). At the end of the day, there are two types of impurities that cover the surface of your skin: "greasy" impurities (makeup or sebum, for example) and hydrophilic impurities (dust, pollution, perspiration). These two types of impurities are not cleansed in the same way, hence the two-step cleansing process. In a first step, the make-up removal will allow to get rid of the biggest impurities and the cleansing will come to perfect your make-up removal and to completely get rid of these imperfections.

Micellar water

Head to the bathroom to start your facial routine with our crystal-clear Micellar Water , 98% of which is naturally-sourced ingredients. Infused with floral waters, it removes makeup from the face and eyes in a single step. It frees the skin from impurities and traces of pollution.

Tested under dermatological control, find a clear and soothed skin and a fresh and luminous complexion thanks to this face make-up remover.


The face soap extra-mild :

Purify your skin with our facial cleansers! You can choose between our face soap or our cleansing foam. You prefer the solid format? Our new face soap extra-mildcomposed of 98% naturally-sourced ingredients, will be your new favorite product! Gently cleanse your skin without drying it out, eliminate impurities and the last traces of make-up. It is the face care product to be tested and adopted urgently as much for its benefits as for its solid format towards a zero waste consumption!

Tested and approved, 87% of women find their complexion fresher after using our solid face soap extra-mild and 77% of women find their skin smooth and purified. *Usage test, 75 people, 21 days


Cleansing foam:

Our light and unctuous facial cleansing foam, composed of 98% naturally-sourced ingredients, is infused with floral waters. It gently cleanses, perfects make-up removal and frees the skin from impurities and traces of pollution. Composed of peppermint, cornflower, French peony and rose, your skin will be softened, refreshed, purified, soothed, hydrated and toned. What more could you ask for to regain beautiful skin after the holidays?


Dermatologically tested, the skin is cleansed, soothed and brightened with our cleansing foam.


Step 1: Exfoliate your skin

The upper layer of the skin of the face (the epidermis) is in constant renewal

Has your skin become dull and are you noticing the appearance of blackheads? It's time to exfoliate to regain radiance and softness. Facial exfoliation allows you to eliminate dead cells to obtain a new skin. You can choose between two types of exfoliation. The mechanical scrub remains in contact with the skin for a shorter time. It is rinsed off and the skin looks fresher instantly. You can use it once a week if you have dry skin and once or twice a week if you have oily skin. The enzymatic scrub, on the other hand, acts in depth with a long-term action. It does not contain grains, but fruit acids that gently eliminate dead skin cells. It is carried out 2 to 3 times a week.


The face radiance scrub:

Discover our new face radiance scrubcomposed of 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. Our double action face scrub, mechanical and biological, gently exfoliates your skin. The succinic acid which composes it stimulates the cellular renewal and the powder of rice and powder of musk rose takes part in the renewal of the surface layers of the skin.

Apply once or twice a week to a damp face, massage gently and rinse. For a more intense peeling action, leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing.

Tested and approved*, 82% of women find their skin purified thanks to our facial radiance scrub. *Usage test, 58 people, 28 days.

Step 3: Moisturize your skin

Is making a face mask every Sunday night part of your routine to start the week off right? You're right! Face masks rid your skin of small imperfections such as sebum, dullness or blackheads. They allow you to unclog your pores and nourish your skin. There are many masks with different benefits: moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, relaxing, etc. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Once a week is enough!

The radiance perfecting mask:

Nothing better than our new radiance perfecting mask to give your face a real boost of radiance in just 5 minutes. It immediately restores a healthy glow to tired skin. The pink clay in its formula restores radiance and remineralizes the skin. The hyaluronic acid regulates the hydration, restores flexibility and youth to the skin. The rose nourishes it. Apply once or twice a week to a clean, dry face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on and rinse thoroughly with water.

Tested and approved*, the skin is moisturized and the complexion's radiance is boosted thanks to our hydrating face mask. *Usage test, 56 people, 28 days.

Complete your facial care with our light face cream and our ultra-rich face moisturizer!

The light cream:

Fluid and melting, our light cream penetrates quickly and leaves a soft finish on your skin. Tested under dermatological control, your skin is hydrated for 48 hours and gives a real healthy glow.

Find a real feeling of comfort for a radiant skin all day long.



The ultra-rich moisturizing cream

Our ultra-rich face cream velvety face cream, composed of 99% naturally-sourced ingredients, penetrates quickly and guarantees intense hydration for 48 hours.

Tested and approved*, 100% of women find their skin hydrated and regenerated. *Use test, 20 people, 21 days


Step 4: Boosting radiance

If you're still wondering whether using a cream or a serum is better for your skin, know that the two products are complementary. The formula of one acts in association with the other and reinforces its action. A serum acts on specific problems and needs of the skin while the cream moisturizes and protects more from aggressions. The combination of the two allows you to personalize your beauty routine by treating specific skin needs and problems. Your serum should be applied twice a day, morning and/or evening, before your moisturizer.

Face serum:

Our face serum, composed of 100% natural ingredients, is quickly absorbed by the skin for long-lasting hydration. Macadamia, an active ingredient in its formula, regenerates and restores suppleness to the skin , while jojoba restores radiance and finesse. Warm 2 drops of serum in the palm of your hand before applying to the face. For a touch of instant radiance, add a drop of serum directly to your cream in the palm of your hand.


Tested and approved*, 100% of women find their skin moisturized, revitalized, luminous, plumped up and their complexion radiance revived thanks to our facial care Perfecting Floral Serum 

*Usage test, 20 people, 21 days


You now know what to do to detoxify your skin and bring it moisture and radiance, thanks to our face care products at Radiant peony for a beauty ritual from morning to night.