All the virtues of Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom


The orange blossom has been used for years in cosmetics as well as in baking. Its sweet and floral fragrance is emblematic of this small white flower. In addition to its fresh and bewitching smell, the orange flower has many assets in the field of health, beauty, well-being and cooking.

Discover in this article all you ever wanted to know about this small and coveted aromatic flower.


There are several methods to extract the perfume of a flower. We can thus obtain orange blossom water, concrete, absolute or concentration.

Let's take a closer look at theabsolute of perfume of Orange Blossomrange bestseller from Panier des Sens :

Absolute is a fragrance derived from a plant material. It is the closest thing to the essential oils. This is the highest fragrance concentration. What differentiates an essential oil from a perfume absolute is the technique used for their extraction.
Essential oils are obtained by hydro-distillation of the plant. The absolute corresponds to the material obtained through extraction by volatile solvents.
perfume extraction Orange Blossom

There are two methods used to obtain the absolute.

A first method is to extract the orange blossom absolute by maceration. The plant is put in maceration in a volatile solvent. Once evaporated, the material is transformed into a paste, which we call the concrete. It is this substance which contains all the odorous and oily components of the vegetable matter. After that, the concrete is macerated in alcohol in order to solubilize it and to extract all the odorous molecules. It is only after a filtration that the alcohol is evaporated to give the absolute.

The second method consists in transferring the odors of the vegetable raw material in the fat. This one is then washed to extract the odorous components. Then the alcohol obtained is evaporated to give theabsolute.

These two methods are particularly long, which is why the absolute is rare and expensive.

Orange Blossom tree


The orange flower is native to India and North Africa. It comes from a tree " the bigaradier "otherwise known as Bitter orange tree or Citrus Aurantium which is a species of tree in the Rutaceae family (citrus). It is now cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin. The bigaradier is the magic tree of perfumery, everything is used, nothing is lost. Flowers, leaves, branches and fruits provide each in their own way, multiple odors and nuances as many colors on their tree.

The flower is harvested in early spring, with in some cases a second bloom in October. The flowers are traditionally harvested by hand while they are still open and still hanging on their branches, then they are put in baskets covered with a damp cloth to prevent the flower from drying out. At the end of the day, the flowers are sorted to remove insects, leaves and twigs. This meticulous step requires a lot of patience.


TheOrange Blossom Absolute is obtained by direct cold extraction of the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree. Extremely precious, we reserve the use of this Absolute to the greatest perfumes. Its smell is floral, waxy, green, powdery, sweet, sometimes almost animal. It is used in floral and oriental accords such as L'Heure Bleue, Fracas or Narcisse Noir by Caron.

Orange blossom essential oil or Neroli takes its name from Princess Neroli who in the 17th century made orange blossom essence famous by using it as a perfume.
Steam distillation of the flowers of the brigadier produces two products. The steam passes through the fresh flowers and is condensed in a coil called a still. At the exit of the coil, two phases are obtained:

An oily phase which gives the essential oil of Neroli, a great classic of perfumery and aromatherapy.
An aqueous phase which allows to obtain the hydrolat, that is to say the water of orange blossom, which is used directly in lotion or pastry.
It is obtained from fresh leaves and small branches by steam distillation at low pressure A large part of the Petitgrain essence is produced in the Grasse region. We use it mainly for healing.
Bitter orange oil is produced by cold expression of the fruit peels of the Bitter orange tree. It has similar properties to Petitgrain Bigarade.

Orange blossom is part of the white flower olfactory family. It is also very present in the Hesperides perfumes, that is to say all the colognes with a characteristic odor, very close to that of the bergamot flower.

use Orange Blossom


1) The essence of Neroli or orange blossom can be used in infusion. Simply dilute 3 or 4 drops of essential oil in a liter of warm water. This tea will have calming properties and soothing virtues.

2) It is used in local application on the inside of the wrist or on the plexus to help fight insomnia and anxieties.

3) It can also be diffused in an atmospheric way to sanitize a room but also to perfume an interior. It is enough to pour between 5 and 30 drops of essential oil of Neroli in its diffuser and to leave it 30 minutes in a living room or 15 minutes in a room.

4) It can be combined with a vegetable oil and to be applied directly to the face for a cellular stimulation.

The essential oil of Neroli allows multiple uses because it possesses many qualities which make it possible to look after the small evils of the daily newspaper.

benefits Orange Blossom skin


In health, the essential oil of Neroli is known for its antibacterial, antiparasitic properties and participates in the proper functioning of the liver and pancreas. To improve digestive and intestinal disorders, simply mix a few drops of essential oil with a vegetable oil and massage it into the abdomen. It will allow an easier digestion.

In cosmetics, in addition to bringing a divine smell to your daily products, the essential oil of Neroli has regenerating virtues. It is ideal for dry and mature skin. It is a flower with an anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle power thanks to its high flavonoid content(regenerative property). The use of a bottle of orange blossom floral water will be a great ally to have a soft and toned skin all day long.

Concerning the well-being, the orange blossom has relaxing and soothing properties. The essential oil is recognized for its tonic, sedative and antidepressant virtues. It allows to calm the crises of anxiety, to support the falling asleep and helps to relax.

It is enough to mix some drops with a vegetable oil, and to carry out a massage by applying it to the solar plexus, the plantar arches or along the spinal column to feel the calming properties of this white flower.

The orange blossom has multiple virtues. Its unique fragrance has inspired perfumers from all over the world to include it in their creations. It also has many benefits in cosmetics as well as to promote the healing of certain ailments.

hand care Orange Blossom


We have chosen to create a range of cosmetic products based on orange blossom to its invigorating effect.
This range combines orange blossom absolute, the most precious essence of the plant raw material, and theolive oila real treasure for the skin with moisturizing, regenerating, softening and anti-oxidant properties.

What are the benefits of this flower?

If you have a dull face, orange blossom floral water can give a burst of radianceandilluminate your skin before applying your moisturizer.
Also for the face, Neroli essential oil is a perfect anti-aging. It contributes to regenerate the skin thanks to its antioxidant action.
In winter, your skin is attacked by the cold and needs all your attention. A drop of Neroli essential oil incorporated in your body cream will make your skin soft.
It is also effective for problem skins: it allows toeliminate sebum and impurities.
Let's not forget the hair and nails: the orange blossom lotion makes the hair shinier and helps the nails to grow.

natural care collection Orange Blossom


It is in the heart of Provence that we harvest the fragrances of our products. The city of Grasse is recognized as the world capital of perfumery for the quality of its essences.

Panier des Sens 's wish is to highlight the perfumery of Grasse and its ancestral know-how through the range of care products with Precious Jasmine, Rose Geranium or Orange Blossom Absolutes.
A true jewel of high perfumery, the absolute is the most precious essence of the plant raw material. The extreme concentration of plant extracts in the Absolutes makes it a real aromatic treasure.
At the heart of our Absolute formulas, the emblematic raw material of Provence,olive oil protects, nourishes and repairs the most sensitive skin.

With up to 97% naturally-sourced ingredients, our orange blossom range has become one of our best-sellers.

eau de toilette Orange Blossom

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hand cream and eau de toilette Orange Blossom