All the virtues of the rose in cosmetics

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Queen of flowers, refined and delicate, the rose is renowned for its perfume and beauty as well as for its numerous virtues. An essential raw material for cosmetics, it has multiple benefits for the hair thanks to its powerful active ingredients. Anti-aging, moisturizing, soothing, purifying, toning, its qualities are numerous for all ages!

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A little history

The oldest flower known to mankind, the rose is believed to have originated in Persia. There are many varieties of rose, but the most famous for their benefits are the Damask rose (Rosa damascena), also known as the "Queen of Roses" and the Provins rose (Rosa gallica) and are therefore the most used in cosmetics. The Damask rose is also known as the Queen of Roses. Legend has it that the philosopher and physician Avicenna produced the first essential oil of rose in the 11th century. It is then used as a tonic for tired people.

The essential oil of rose

Rose essential oil (in general and in particular the one we use in the formulation of our DAMASCENA Regenerating Rose collection) is obtained by steam distillation of the flower petals using a still. After this process, the essential oil will separate from the distillation water and rise to the surface in the tank at the outlet of the still. One will be able to recover there on a side the wished essential oil but also the hydrolat of rose, called Floral Water.

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The benefits of the rose in cosmetics

The rose has many active ingredients and properties to suit all skin types.

It is soothing.

For the sensitive skins which tend to tighten, it protects the skin of the external aggressions of the daily newspaper like pollution, the wind or the cold, for example. It relieves inflammations, it is healing and also calms redness.

It is moisturizing.

For dry and mature skin, it has softening and regenerating properties. It also improves the skin's comfort and elasticity. The rose smoothes the features and revitalizes in depth.

It is anti-aging.

Its antioxidant benefits allow to act against skin aging. The rose firms the epidermis and fights against the appearance of wrinkles. Indeed, the rose favors the synthesis of collagen, which allows to maintain the flexibility of the epidermis.

It is purifying/sanitizing.

For combination to oily skin, its active ingredients limit excess sebum to prevent shine and tighten the skin's pores without drying it out. The grain of the skin is refined and the complexion is illuminated.

It is invigorating.

Rose gives you a healthy glow! It revives radiance through an anti-fatigue action! Nothing better than starting your day with a rose routine!

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The collection Rejuvenating Rose

Embodying beauty and well-being, sublimated by master perfumers from Grasse, our collection Rejuvenating Rose draws all its richness from the heart of the plant thanks to essential oils and gently introduces you to the science of aromatherapy. Discover our natural cosmetics with the sweet smell of rose and adopt a daily beauty routine adapted to your skin.

The rose, we love it, we adore it! It is one of the most famous flowers in the world! In addition to symbolizing love, tenderness, femininity, its benefits for the skin are no longer to be proven. Discover our Rose collection if you haven't already, its recognizable and appreciable fragrance, its freshness and its magical properties for a body routine that feels good!