Vinotherapy: the benefits of grapes in cosmetics

As you know, grapes and all their active ingredients are good for your health. Vinotherapy is the use of grape virtues in treatments such as massages, beauty and cosmetic products, skin wraps or grape-based baths.

Today, there are many cosmetic products based on grape extracts or grape oil. What are they made of? What are their virtues? Discover all the benefits of Vinotherapy in this article!

grape tree

What is Vinotherapy?

The Vinotherapy is the use of benefits of the vine to create care and beauty products. She is known for her toning properties.

What are the benefits of grapes?

White grape extract: revitalizes and firms the skin.

Grapes are full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols. This cocktail of shock protects the skin from free radicals and helps preserve its youthfulness. It supports cellular regeneration and intensifies the firmness of the skin.

Grape seed oil: it protects and nourishes the skin

Rich in essential fatty acids, the grape seed oil has emollient properties; it softens, hydrates and nourishes the skin. A recognized antioxidant, it preserves the skin barrier by neutralizing free radicals. The grape seeds reveal mechanical exfoliating properties to smooth the skin.

Red vine leaf: it drains and stimulates the circulation

Rich in tannins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols and vitamin C, the red vine is recognized for its venotonic properties. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation and to decrease the feeling of heavy legs.

grape collection

Firming Grape : our detox and sublimating range

We were inspired by nature to create our RAISIN RAFFERMISSANT skin care line, made up of up to 97% naturally-sourced ingredients ; based on organic white grape extract from Provence, grape seed oil and red vine leaves.

Inspired by Vinotherapy, this range concentrates the best of the grape's properties around firming and detoxing beauty rituals.

Grown with love at the Domaine de la Blaque, in Haute-Provence, our white grape is certified organic and benefits from an AOP (protected designation of origin). This collection offers ultra-sensorial textures that beautify the skin while releasing a floral and fruity fragrance.



Fall in love with our 95% natural Smoothing Body Scrub

This body scrub stimulates cell renewal and refines skin texture by eliminating dead cells with a circular massage. It is the perfect ally to give you back your baby skin!

Smoothing Body ScrubGrape Firming

grape skin scrub



Fall under the spell of our 95% natural smoothing oil

This dry care oil smoothes, sublimates and nourishes the skin in a single step. The skin is supple, satiny and luminous, visibly more beautiful. You'll be the envy of many!
- The skin is smoothed: 80
- The skin is sublimated: 85
- The skin is nourished: 95
- The skin is protected: 90
* Clinical test, 20 volunteers, % satisfaction after 21 days of use.

Smoothing Oil Activated Grape Firming

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Fall for our 97% natural active firming cream

Enriched with organic white grape, red vine and bodyfit™, our moisturizing body cream, helps firming the skin and promotes the reduction of the orange peel appearance more commonly known as cellulite. The skin is supple, firmer and more elastic.

- Skin firmness: + 14.8 %*.
- Orange peel effect: -17.4%**
- 95% of women find their skin more hydrated ***
* Cutometry test, 13 women, 28 days.
** Measured by fringe projection.
*** Clinical test, 22 women, % satisfaction after 21 days of use.

Firming Grape Cream

grape firming cream

Vinotherapy brings together all the properties of grape leaves, seeds and grapes to create a care product that is good for your body and especially for your skin. Discover our brand new Grape Firming collection based on natural ingredients and take advantage of its grape-based properties. Our natural care products, enriched with organic active ingredients from Provence, guarantee the best of efficiency and sensoriality to meet all skin types. Ultra-sensorial textures embellish your skin while releasing a floral and fruity fragrance. A beautiful moment of escape in the vineyards of Provence!