Zero waste: why adopt solid cosmetics?

Are you seeing them everywhere these days? Solid cosmetics are on trend! They're practical and environmentally friendly. You can now find many of the cosmetics you use in your daily routine in solid versions: toothpaste, deodorant, make-up remover, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and soap, for example. They're becoming a must-have for both your skin and our beautiful planet! In this article, we explain why, if you haven't already done so, you'll love adopting this way of consuming!

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What is solid cosmetics?

Solid consumption means choosing products formulated without water and, above all chemical- and preservative-free ! In fact, over time, water alters the product, making it necessary to add preservatives to formulas to extend their shelf life, which is not the case with solid cosmetics.

Why consume a solid product?

It's environmentally friendly!

We tend to accumulate bottles in our bathrooms. Solid products limit containers and packaging. In fact, on average, one 50 g solid shampoo is equivalent to two 250 ml bottles - a huge amount less plastic in the ocean! In addition to being free of water and preservatives, solid cosmetics contain no toxic components (silicones, sulfates, parabens, surfactants, aluminum salts, etc.). The choice of ingredients and natural active ingredients makes them even better for our environment.

It's economical!

A solid cosmetic lasts longer than a conventional one. A solid shampoo, for example, can last for several months! On average, 8 out of 10 women wash their hair every day, compared with 30% of men. One pebble of solid shampoo is equivalent to 25 to 30 washes. So we can imagine that if you wash your hair every day, a solid shampoo will last you a month, whereas a bottle of classic shampoo will last you 2 weeks.

It works!

We are often reluctant to use cosmetics for fear that they will be ineffective or inefficient. Does a solid shampoo lather? Is it really effective? Does it moisturize and/or nourish my hair? Will my hair be soft? These are the questions that may be preventing you from taking the plunge and using a solid shampoo, for example. But solid cosmetics are just as effective as liquid cosmetics! Using a solid shampoo is more powerful than using a liquid shampoo, both in terms of duration and effectiveness. It's easier to space out shampoos, as your hair can regenerate more easily between each shampoo.

It's nomadic!

It's often difficult to transport our large bottles on a trip or a weekend away. Carrying a solid cosmetic is very practical: there's no risk of it leaking into your belongings, and it's very easy to store because it's so small. The big plus? Some cosmetics can be used on different parts of the body at the same time, making them even more portable!

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Cosmetics that are good for the body and the planet!

Choosing your solid cosmetics is essential. Panier des Sens has opted for the zero waste in a real eco-responsible approach via a range of solid and brand-new soaps solid shampoos ! With specific active ingredients from Provence sustainable agricultureour natural cosmetics are composed ofingredients of natural originplanet-friendly and healthy for your skin!

3 shampoos for 3 hair types

Discover three different fragrances (Grape, Honey & Almond)? depending on your hair's needs (oily hair, normal hair & dry hair)! Eco-responsible, our moisturizing, gentle and ultra-foaming shampoos are pH-neutral, sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free, cleansing the scalp without damaging it! Whether for long, curly or fine hair, our 3 shampoos will adapt to your hair routine. Our solid shampoos will be your new favorite natural products, bringing shine and softness to your hair!

What will yours be?

Marseille soaps up to 97% natural

In Marseille, the tradition of quality soap-making is much more than a heritage, it's a veritable culture. Master soap-makers, like talented alchemists, have made this mythical cosmetic product a universal benchmark. Discover our solid soaps with their sweet Provencal fragrances, natural formulas and ever more advanced research into active plant ingredients. With perfume absolutes, essential oils, Shea Butter or organic active ingredients from Provence, find the solid soap that best suits your skin's needs!

Discover all our solid soap fragrances!

Adopting zero waste means not only taking care of yourself and your health, but also considerably reducing the amount of waste you produce on a daily basis as part of a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. By switching to solid consumption, you can take action at your own level towards more responsible consumption. It's healthy for your skin and good for the planet, so why not give it a try, if you haven't already?

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