Liquid Marseille Soaps

Liquid Marseille Soaps

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    28 products


    Our liquid Marseille soaps are formulated following the ancestral method of saponification in cauldrons. This method uses only 100% vegetable oils and heats them gently to preserve their quality and their benefits for the skin. The result of this traditional process naturally enriches our liquid Marseille soaps with moisturizing glycerin. Able to retain up to 25% of its weight in water, it acts as a water reservoir for the skin and is thus an excellent moisturizing agent. Finally, we add a light touch of fragrance imagined and created in Grasse by our master perfumers.

    It depends on your taste ! Our liquid Marseille soaps are differentiated in 3 categories:

    • Liquid soaps with perfume absolutes for a unique olfactory experience with orange blossom, jasmine or geranium.
    • Liquid soaps with essential oils for their beauty benefits with Rose, Lavender, Verbena, Sea Samphire or Provence scent, a mixture of thyme and citrus.
    • Liquid soaps with organic active ingredients from Provence with honey, almond or grape.

    Recognized worldwide for their quality and fragrance, cooked in a cauldron according to an ancestral saponification method and eco-designed, there is inevitably a Liquid Marseille Soap Panier des Sens that is made for you.

    Yes! the softness and the ph of our liquid soaps make them perfect for hands and body. Formulated from 100% vegetable oils and hot saponified, our Liquide Marseille Soaps soaps are superfatted and prevent dryness. We advise you to apply the liquid soap on wet skin, to massage well then to dry well after having rinsed your skin. Our soaps are suitable for dry skin and for the whole family. To moisturize and nourish you can then apply one of our ultra rich body creams with honey or organic almond from Provence. For your hands you can use our hand creams enriched with olive oil or Shea Butter.

    Liquid Marseille soaps

    All our liquid Marseille soaps are hot saponified and delicately perfumed by our master perfumers in Grasse.